Integrated Line with Grinding Machine and Washing Machine

Integrated Line with Grinding Machine and Washing Machine
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Date: 29 February 2024

Why choose an Integrated Line with Grinding Machine and Washing Machine in a Glassworks?

Integrated lines that include both grinders and washing machines in glassworks are the perfect addition to any glass production line. The glass washing process is the phase immediately after the grinding operation and is of fundamental importance to remove any residue left and prevent the surface from scratching with glass debris.

In glass processing, the washing machine is an essential part as it ensures that all glass sheets are completely cleaned before undergoing further intervention choosing an integrated line is therefore a great way to simplify the whole process and ensure that your glassworks produces glass sheets of excellent quality with minimal effort!

Bringing an integrated line to your glassworks that includes both a glass grinding machine and a vertical washing machine is therefore a great opportunity: the main advantage of integrating a grinding machine and a washing machine in such a way that the glass sheet, once the grinding process has been completed, immediately enters the washing phase, is to ensure that all parts of the glass processing and cleaning process are managed efficiently and under the supervision of a single subject (your glassworks). The washing process performed immediately after the grinding instead of stocking all the glasses of a batch on a glass trolley waiting to be taken to wash prevents the debris from drying on the glass surface, especially in a hot, dry environment. The use of an integrated line with edging and washing machines allows you to obtain precise and fast production reducing time and costs.

For over 15 years at Lattuada, we have been studying and creating solutions for the washing of glass to offer our customers, who choose us for grinding solutions, an effective and efficient response to the need to have in the company also a valid solution to wash glasses after the grinding process. We offer a range of vertical washing machines characterized by high technology, ease of use and simple maintenance that are perfectly integrated with the production lines present in the companies ensuring excellent performance and high productivity.

Despite finding the perfect combination with Lattuada grinding machines, our washing machines can be easily integrated with other machines such as vertical grinding, drilling and milling lines and CNC machines. Vertical washing lines for washing and drying glass sheets made by Lattuada are available with an open top (OT line) or closed top(CT)and differ in the useful washing height, the number of brushes present and the total loadable weights. The machine body and all parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel and stainless materials, to extend the life of the washing machine and minimize maintenance costs. We have also created a line dedicated exclusively to glassworks with important production of large glass sheets and particularly thick, heavy glass sheets: our CTS series!!

A complete range of solutions for washing and drying glass sheets, an added value for every glassworks. For more information and to find out how to best integrate the grinding and washing phase of glass sheets in your reality, contact us here.!

600450 Integrated Line with Grinding Machine and Washing Machine

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