Glass Group is born: hub of the flat glass supply chain

Glass group is born: hub of the flat glass supply chain
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Date: 26 March 2021

Boasting 63 million in turnover, 19 factories, and around 400 employees, the group holds a significant share of the Italian flat glass market, estimated at 880 million euros.

Glass Group is the first completely independent Italian group that brings together leading glass companies around its brand with decades of experience in the transformation of high quality insulating glass units, united with a view to restarting with their 70 million turnover, 19 factories and about 400 employees, which constitute a significant share of the Italian flat glass market.

“Glass Group’s mission is first of all to aggregate small and medium-sized enterprises that have a common need: to grow, in terms of size, know-how and generational change. Our goal  is to become the reference point of the flat glass sector ”, declares Daniele Predari, President of the Glass Group.

“The development path, which we will conduct together with our companies, aims to enhance technology, increase skills and promote an increase in quality standards among all members. Glass Group, formerly Glass6Therm S.r.l., aims at national expansion by affiliating manufacturing excellence throughout Italy. In this particular historical moment, we have a great opportunity, and we must be ready to seize it together. On the table we have the environmental challenge, also favoured by the maxi facilitation to restart the construction of the Relaunch decree, the possible economic effects of which are estimated at over 20 billion thanks to the eco-bonus increased to 110%. Glass has always been a 100% recyclable material and, thanks to the UNI product certifications, we intend to spread a culture that is increasingly attentive to green issues among the companies of the group”. 

In this perspective of innovation and development, the group was established thanks to the aggregation of 5 founders (Mornagoglass Srl, Predari Vetri Spa, Vetraria Pescini Srl, Vetreria Romagna Srl, Vetreria Valfon Srl) and 10 affiliates (Aluvetro, Vetreria Lucana di Vetromat Srl), Vetreria Deserto Srl, Vetreria Biava, Podda Vetri Srl, Termovetro Sud Srl, Vitrum & Glass Srl, Vetreria Tacca Srl, Vetropadana Srl and Guidi Glass Srl) federated with the aim of playing the role of hub of the supply chain: a place of growth, meeting and comparison for the Italian and international glass market as well as for all sector stakeholders.

Glass Group, through synergies and strategic partnerships, designs a large reference network for glass manufacturers for building, architecture and design. The supply chain is represented by Main partners, complementary operators in the production of insulating glass, such as Fenzi, the chemical multinational dedicated to the transformation of flat glass; Pellini industries, which develop and manufacture shielding systems for double glazing; the multinational Technoform that develops solutions, not only in the world of insulating glass, but also in other sectors.

“With the aim of continuing to actively participate in the development of the entire Italian glass industry, one of the well-known and appreciated excellence of Made in Italy, the Fenzi Group has enthusiastically decided to participate in Glass Group, an ambitious project that we are sure it will bring know-how and innovative technologies to the sector, working in networks with reliable partners and important realities in the world of Italian glass to which Fenzi has been dedicating passion and daily commitment for 80 years” says Eng. Matteo Padovan, Managing Director of Fenzi SpA.

“For Pellini, being Main Partner of the Glass Group means networking with glass production and processing companies that share our attention to the quality of the finished product and the search for innovative solutions oriented towards sustainability and design. – declares Giorgio Lesanti, ScreenLine Sales Manager; division of Pellini SpA – We are confident that the Glass Group teamwork will further favour the diffusion of the integrated ScreenLine shielding as a synergistic element of the performance of the insulating glass ”.

“In view of the development strategy, the collaboration with Glass Group plays a fundamental role. Thanks to our capillary network and both macro and micro vision of the Italian reality of the sector, we will be able to achieve important common goals. We are confident that this partnership is the right way to develop future solutions at the edge of the glass for insulating glass” says Marco Porro, GM of Technoform Italia. This is Technoform’s vision to create innovative solutions and improve the production process of its partners in order to make them market leaders.

Among the business partners we include Aluvetro, leader in the design of indoor and outdoor balustrades; and glassAdvisor, a software house that produces an App for simulating glass and solar shading.

Glass Group, sharing this industrial path, is an active part of trade associations including UNI (Italian National Unification Body, within the UNI Glass Commission), Assovetro (Leading Division G, Flat Glass Transformers), UNICMI (National Union of Companies Metallic Constructions for Building Envelopes, with the Direction of the Glazing section) and ADI (Italian Association of Industrial Design) and is associated with Confindustria.

For the companies of the Group, Glass Group makes available the “Glass Group Service Charter” which provides for the support of the Technical Department with advice on quality, safety and finance; the Research and Development Area which favours the development of new products and the restyling and reverse engineering of existing projects; for the training area there are two main areas: Architecture & Design Academy for the development of technical design knowledge on the glass material; and Business School, for the refinement of the skills necessary to grow and make companies more competitive. Finally, affiliates will be able to count on tailor-made integrated marketing and communication services to significantly promote the success of their business.

600450 Glass Group is born: hub of the flat glass supply chain

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