Cristalería Reina's Partnership with Turomas

Cristalería Reina's Partnership with Turomas
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Date: 27 May 2024

Innovation and tradition in glass processing

Exploring the Evolution of a Family Business, its Strategic Partnership with TUROMAS, and the Impact of Technology on its Sustained Success

Cristalería Reina is a family business that stands out for its history. The company was founded in 1958 in Villamartín, where Ildefonso Reina Coca took the first steps as a wood carpentry shop. Over time, it became a benchmark in the glass sector, thanks to their dedication and vision. Since then, the evolution has been constant.

In this stage of growth and expansion, updating cutting-edge technologies has been crucial to maintaining competitiveness and meeting market demands. It is at this moment that the collaboration with TUROMAS, leaders in glass processing machinery, arose.

Currently, the facilities have an LA-06-RO automatic aerial loader that feeds a mixed automatic cutting line for laminated and monolithic glass, LAM 506TXR.

Cristalería Reina's Partnership with Turomas

The choice of TUROMAS machines not only responds to criteria of efficiency and quality but also reflects a special and lasting relationship based on mutual trust and commitment to excellence.

TUROMAS spoke with Ildefonso Reina, son of the founder. Through his words, we will explore the challenges, opportunities, and future vision of this leading company in the glass sector, as well as its partnership with TUROMAS and the impact of technology on its production process.

Cristalería Reina's Partnership with Turomas

What is the COMPANY? Could you provide an explanation about the COMPANY, including its history, structure, vision, and values?

Our story began in Villamartín in 1958, when Ildefonso Reina Coca founded the family business with a wooden carpentry shop that remained until 1975. It was then decided to undertake the first expansion of the company to add glass to its business offering. This new stage lasted until 1991, when Cristalería Reina was founded, with Ildefonso Reina Perea at the head of the company.

A year later, due to the strong growth of the business, the construction of new 2,000 m2 facilities began in Pol. Ind. El Chaparral de Villamartín. In 2003, these facilities were expanded again, adding 1,000 m2 more to meet business needs.

In 2004, we decided to focus exclusively on the glass business, specializing more and more, generating and building customer loyalty. This led to the constant growth of the business. In 2008, after acquiring an 80,000 m2 land in Montellano that guaranteed the continuity, growth, and updating of the company for the next generations, work began on the new plant that would respond to the demands of the 21st century.

Thus, in 2009, production began at the Montellano facilities, which have 15,000 m2 and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and machinery that allows us to meet the present and future requirements demanded by the market and our clients.

Cristalería Reina's Partnership with Turomas

How did the need for the new TUROMAS cutting machines arise?

Due to the growth of the company, we needed to improve the process and expand the glass cutting capacity with two fundamental premises: process efficiency and cutting quality.

Cristalería Reina's Partnership with Turomas

What TUROMAS machine models have been installed? Why are these machines the best for the COMPANY? What would you highlight about them?

We have installed the LA-06-RO Automatic Air Loader and the Mixed Automatic Cutting Line for Laminated and Monolithic Glass LAM 506TXR.

LA-06-RO Automatic Air Loader + Mixed Automatic Cutting Line for Laminated and Monolithic Glass LAM 506TXR.

Since our beginnings, we have always had a special relationship with Turomas, which greatly influenced our decision. Despite having offers from other manufacturers, it is in our DNA that companies are made by people. The Turomas team has always been committed to adapting very well to our needs, providing full support with exceptional treatment and after-sales service. This is very important to us, so we had no doubt that the TUROMAS offer was the most attractive proposal for us.

We are convinced that it is a winning bet. The combination of reliability and technology guarantees that we can meet the quality and productivity demands that the market requires.

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