CMS solutions for glass fabrication for interior design!

Date: 26 February 2024
Source: CMS SpA
CMS solutions for glass fabrication for interior design!
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Date: 26 February 2024

How CMS revolutionizes interior design with advanced glass fabrication

Flat glass sheets offer a wide range of possibilities for creating interior design furnishings: banisters, stairs, elevators, floors, walls, doors, kitchen worktops, hobs, sinks, tables, mirrors, shower walls, shelves, chests of drawers and cupboards. 

How does CMS fit into the glass fabrication sector for interior design? 

Large flat glass sheets are cut into pieces of the desired size using dedicated cutting tables and lines. 

These are the ideal solutions for cutting glass with straight and curved lines. 

CMS horizontal and vertical machining centers can perform various machining operations on the edges of glass sheets right after cutting: drilling, grinding, milling, polishing, seaming, and many others. However, horizontal machining centers can also bevel and process curved glass. 

These machining centers also offer other types of machining that is performed within the glass, such as drilling, notching and countersinking. These often serve as anchor points for handles, hinges and screws. 

If necessary, CMS machines can also apply different surface treatments to change the appearance of semi-finished glass sheets, including engraving and lettering. 

Finally, abrasive waterjet technology gives you a lot of different cutting possibilities, it is ideal for fabricating with thick glass sheets, and it is used for cutting the glass sheets that make up safety glass. 

600450 CMS solutions for glass fabrication for interior design!

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