Best Choice for Tempering Ultra Thin PV Glass

It has been regarded as a hard nut to crack to temper ultra thin PV glass.

The main difficulties in ultra thin glass tempering lie in:

First, the surface stress of the glass does not meet tempered glass requirements. 

Second, unsatisfactory surface quality. 

Now, the good news is that LandGlass Continuous Tempered Glass oven will be the solution. 

With LandGlass’ continuous glass tempering furnace,  Longer heating and tempering sections ensure that glass sheets can be heated to the correct temperature, which helps make the  right surface stress in tempered glass. 

Besides, the glass can be tempered and cooled quickly without oscillation in LandGlass’ continuous glass tempering machine, which  minimizes quality defects such as white haze, scratches, waviness, improving the surface quality of the glass. 

Meanwhile, LandGlass Continuous tempering technology ensures much higher productivity, suitable for tempering large volumes of flat glass sheets for the architectural, furniture, household appliances, automotive and solar industry markets.

600450 Best Choice for Tempering Ultra Thin PV Glass

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