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Founded in 1985 by Alex Redner, an international authority in the field of strain analysis, Strainoptics is the world’s leading manufacturer of non-contact, non-destructive stress measurement instrumentation and optical inspection equipment for the glass and plastics industries, as well as for research and teaching applications.

Our product line encompasses a complete range of instruments, from simple strain viewers and polarimeter systems to specialized on-line and off-line equipment for measuring stress and other optical properties in a wide range of materials.

We also offer a broad array of technical services, including residual stress analysis, materials evaluation, applications engineering, custom solutions, and complete calibration and repair services for all types of polarimetry equipment.

Additionally, we provide basic and advanced training in the topics of photoelasticity and stress measurement, both at our headquarters in North Wales, Pennsylvania (USA), near Philadelphia, and at any customer location.

Strainoptics equipment

Strainoptics equipment is currently used by the most respected names in the glass and plastics industry. You’ll find our patented SCA on-line stress scanners installed in major float glass plants around the world, and our GASP® polarimeter is the internationally recognized standard for measuring surface stress in heat-strengthened and tempered glass.

We offer the largest line of instrumentation, from hand-held strain viewers, polarimeters and instruments for measuring roller wave distortion, to light transmission meters and PC-based on-line and off-line systems for stress and birefringence measurement.

If you’re not familiar with stress measurement test methods or if you’re not sure which instruments are suitable for your application, please contact us via e-mail, phone or fax for assistance. We’ll be glad to review your application and help you understand how stress measurement can become a most productive part of your quality control rountine.


Stress Scanners
The SCA-1500 On-line Float Glass Stress Scanner automatically measures and reports residual stress across the glass ribbon at the cold end of the float line. It features user-friendly PC-based operation, and requires no special operator skills or training. To ensure optimum cutting performance, we recommend measuring stress in cross-section through the thickness of the glass.
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The SCA-1500 Automated Off-Line Stress Scanner is the off-line versions of Strainoptics' field-proven float scanners, custom-engineered for many quality control inspection applications to measure stress and/or birefringence. Typical products include biaxially or uniaxially oriented plastic films, a variety of fabricated glass products, and PDP and TFT-LCD display panels.

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Slice Analysis
Strainoptics offers two polarimeter systems designed to verify surface compression and mid-plane tension in glass, the PS-100-MW Polarimeter, supplied with a 75mm high-intensity light source, a microscope and a measuring wedge assembly, and the DIAS-1600 Digital Image Analysis System, a machine-vision, PC-based workstation for off-line stress inspection.
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Strainoptics’ PS-100 Polarimeter System is a modular system, available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The PS-100-SF Standard Field Polarimeter, PS-100-MW Polarimeter and PS-100-LF Large Field Polarimeter are our most popular packages. Contact us if you are uncertain which package is the best choice for your application.

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The DIAS-1600 Stress Analyzer uses digital imaging technology for stress inspection applications. This PC-based system is used for quality control, process control, failure analysis, product development, and research to ensure that residual stresses remain within specified limits. This package is ideal for products in which very low stresses can hamper product performance, such as optical components, lenses, compact disks, annealed parts, glass seals, TV glass, etc.

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Surface Stress
Strainoptics' GASP Polarimeter is a portable instrument for measuring surface stress in heat-strengthened and tempered glass. It can also be used to confirm stress-relief in annealed glass and to validate furnace settings for manufacturers of safety glass.
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The standard GASP model is for flat or slightly curved surfaces, while the GASP-CS version is designed to accommodate a curvature greater than 8 inches (200 mm). Both models may be ordered with either a laser or fiber optic light source. The laser model features a rechargeable battery pack and offers the broadest range of measurement, up to 25,000 psi (180 MPa).

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Strain Viewers
The PSV-100 Portable Strain Viewer is a rugged, low-cost, battery-operated polariscope. The viewing area is 75x75mm (3x3 inches). The product design offers an adjustable work space, up to 180 mm (7 inches).
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Optional accessories such as Strainoptics’ Measuring Wedges permit quantitative evaluation.
The PSV-100 Portable Strain Viewer is commonly used for evaluation of temper in glass and verification of annealing.

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The SV-2000 Strain Viewer is a large-field polariscope suitable for inspection of nearly any size product. The standard viewing area is 400 x 500 mm (16 x 20 inch). Unlike simple crossed polarizers, the SV-2000 uses circular polarizers which assure that stresses are properly observed regardless of specimen position or orientation. A plane-polarized model is available for glass applications (Model SV-2000-P).
In production, this simple test can quickly identify defective parts - the strains appear as a colorful fringe pattern - and alert operators to adjust process parameters. The procedure is non-destructive and fast!

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The GES-100 Edge-Stress Meters are light, portable, battery-operated instruments that are specially designed to measure edge stress in annealed, heat-strengthened, and tempered glass. These instruments are used for non-destructive, precision measurement in accordance with ASTM test method C-1279 and can be used on both flat and curved glass.
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Models include:

  • GES-100 Edge-Stress Meter - Includes a double-wedge compensator, generally used for tempered glass applications.
  • GES-100-MWA Edge-Stress Meter - General-purpose instrument includes a single-wedge compensator.
  • GES-100-MWA-HS High Sensitivity Edge-Stress Meter - Special model for annealed glass measurement or other low-stress applications where greater measurement sensitivity is desired.

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The PES-100 Automated Edge-Stress Measurement System, automates the off-line measurement of edge stress in automotive, as well as other glass applications. It uses the company’s patented, non-destructive stress measurement technology, combined with proprietary and user-friendly Windows-based software and a PC workstation, to provide fast, accurate and repeatable readings of residual stress required for QC of automotive glazing.

Since the process is almost entirely automated, no special operator training or skills are required: to obtain an automatic measurement of stress in a particular sample, the operator simply passes a lightweight scanning probe along several small (typically 2 to 4 inch) segments of the edge being inspected.

The software reports the maximum tensile and edge-compression stress values for each edge scan and also displays a graph of stress vs. position on the computer's monitor. The entire process takes only seconds to complete.

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