Wagner: Stock Components or Custom, Legato™ Is Your Glass Post Railing Solution

Stock Components or Custom, Legato™ Is Your Glass Post Railing Solution
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Legato is a mechanically assembled, non-weld railing system that allows for a faster, simpler installation without special training.

Here at R&B Wagner, we’re always looking for better ways to help you get the job done in the most efficient manner. One of the ways we help you achieve this is by developing entire railing systems that can be purchased online, allowing you to intuitively choose specific components for your job, saving time and eliminating confusion.

Our Legato™ Collection is just one of these systems. Legato is a mechanically assembled, non-weld railing system that allows for a faster, simpler installation without special training.

This railing collection can be installed with minimal glass preparation, making assembly a streamlined and uncomplicated process, resulting in less labor costs. Parts and components for the Legato system can be purchased online. Our in-stock parts mean lesser lead times for you, helping to get the job done on time.



Just because the glass railing system components are prefabricated doesn’t mean you or your customer need to settle for a cookie cutter solution. Our Legato railing system comes in three post variations: round, square, and blade.

Additionally, each post type is available in three distinct mounting types: embedded, surface flange mounted, and fascia mounted. To further extend your style options, you can pick from four different glass mounting hardware options: round clips, square clips, spider mounts, and flat arm mounts. With 36 total component combinations, there are numerous style options to customize the railing and define your space.

Stock Components or Custom, Legato™ Is Your Glass Post Railing SolutionWith the ability to purchase this frameless glass railing system online, you can configure it just the way you need it for your particular application. You may be thinking, “My job is a bit more complicated. It has stairs, a ramp, or sharp corners”.

We offer custom quotes on Legato for corners and tight or intricate space. Although the quoted, custom components aren’t readily in-stock as other Legato™ components, they will be custom-engineered to fit your application perfectly. Not only can we custom fabricate parts of a Legato™ railing system, but we also offer custom fabrication for one-off applications.


Custom Legato Jobs

If you like the aesthetics of the Legato glass railing system but need something more complex for your job or application, let our experts in building code requirements help you create a beautiful custom railing solution. Our industry expertise and experience enable us to design and manufacture railings to meet your project’s site-specific requirements.

When you decide to utilize our custom fabrication for your job, the project will originate in the Estimating Department. Our team of experienced estimators require a print to review to be able to accurately quote your request.

In cases where drawings are not immediately available, Estimating is limited to providing only a budgetary quote for bidding purposes based upon the basic parameters of the job. Please note, budgetary pricing is subject to change upon receipt of finalized drawings. Orders cannot be submitted based solely on a budgetary quote and ultimately will require plans to move forward.



Once submitted, Wagner’s Estimator will review your plans and drawings to determine the following attributes: lineal footage, top rail condition (straight, pre-bent, or customer supplied), the mounting condition (surface, embed, or fascia), glass clips and/or lighting requirements. It is at this time the estimator may also review for basic code compliancy; however, ultimate code compliance is the responsibility of the customer and the local authority having jurisdiction over the municipality where the job is located.

Our estimator will then calculate the number of posts required. This is determined based upon recommended spacing in accordance with code requirements and the standard proportion required for any given layout. After this information is collected and calculated, our skilled team will provide you with a quote.

Upon receipt, if you or your customer elect to proceed with what was quoted, Wagner will require either a signed quote or purchase order. Your order is then passed on to our expert Project Management and Engineering teams.

It’s at this point down payment and scheduling requirements are discussed to ensure we are meeting your job requirements from start to finish. Custom drawings are concurrently created by an Engineer and sent to you for design review and field verification. Providing us with precise field dimensions is critical to your project’s success. These drawings are also used by Wagner’s production team to fabricate your final product.


Passion for Helping our Customers

At each touch point along the way, our staff will work with you to provide the best possible solution for any custom installation or application. At Wagner, we are passionate about helping our customers find efficiencies that benefit all involved and leave the job site a safer, more beautiful place. Wagner’s industry leading expertise in code compliance will ensure your handrailing, guardrail system, or custom specification will meet and exceed your expectations.

Whether your looking for standard railing products or need a custom engineered solution, think Wagner. Shop our Legato railing systems online. Or if you need something more complex, let us provide you with a quote for your custom-engineered glass railing system.

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