Turomas and Arquetipo: more than thirty years together in the glass sector

Date: 9 October 2023
Source: Turomas
Álvaro Tomás Vice-president of TUROMAS, Joaquín Baeza General Manager of Arquetipo and Eduardo Nieto Commercial Delegate of TUROMAS in Chile.
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Álvaro Tomás Vice-president of TUROMAS, Joaquín Baeza General Manager of Arquetipo and Eduardo Nieto Commercial Delegate of TUROMAS in Chile | Photo: Turomas

Date: 9 October 2023

A decades-long partnership of quality and innovation in the Chilean glass industry

With a track record of more than 30 years trusting TUROMAS, the Chilean company guarantees its commitment and experience in the Chilean market. It has more than 25 machines of the Spanish firm and since the beginning they have been in a constant evolution, always in the search to deliver the best and most complete offer of solutions for its customers.

Arquetipo was born with a clear vision in mind: to transform homes through quality and product innovation. It began with the manufacture of custom windows that quickly gained recognition for their style and durability. Over time, Arquetipo became synonymous with elegance and excellence in the Chilean construction and design market.

Two years after its founding, the company was faced with a new challenge. As demand increased, they realised that in order to maintain the quality of their products and meet delivery deadlines, they had to master the glass cutting process. This was a turning point that led them to invest in cutting-edge technology, and that’s when the Spanish manufacturer TUROMAS came along.

The Arquetipo company in Santiago de Chile
The Arquetipo company in Santiago de Chile

"I still remember when we bought the first laminate table. The truth is that I am not a technician, I am a salesman, so I would tell Miguel what I needed and he would say "Joaquín, this is the table you need" and that's how it was. One of the first tables TUROMAS made for cutting laminated glass was bought by us." - Joaquín Baeza, General Manager of Arquetipo

A passion for quality and innovation continued to drive Archetype through the decades. The company has not only focused on constantly improving its products, but also on expanding its reach. Today, Arquetipo has five branches located in Santiago, Valparaíso, Antofagasta, Coquimbo and Talca. This expansion not only ensures a solid national presence, but also allows the company to deliver its products quickly and safely throughout the country.

Operator at LAM 304
Operator at LAM 304

"Life has taught me that when you make a long-term relationship it works well. It has worked very well for me with my suppliers. I have been a customer of TUROMAS since our beginnings, with all the ups and downs that a relationship can have (...) Miguel and I realised that we were each creating our own business from scratch and we grew together." - Joaquín Baeza, General Manager of Arquetipo

Joaquín Baeza, General Manager of Arquetipo
Joaquín Baeza, General Manager of Arquetipo

During the course of last year, in 2022, Arquetipo reaffirmed its confidence in TUROMAS by choosing to collaborate once again on a significant step: to start working with jumbo glass. This milestone was materialised through the acquisition of the latest state-of-the-art automatic storage and glass cutting machinery line offered by TUROMAS.

This strategic collaboration further strengthens Arquetipo’s position as a leader in the industry, allowing them to maintain their commitment to offering the highest quality products.

Innovation in machinery

The machines installed at the Chilean company consist of an intelligent SR-06 rack shuttle glass storage system for 6100 x 3300 mm (240″ x 130″) glass. An intelligent jumbo glass storage solution that combines efficiency and versatility by offering minimum cycle times and the ability to work with different thicknesses, layers and sizes and adjustable load capacity options. This machine stands out for its advanced control technology, offering remarkable speed and accuracy that significantly reduces loading time and effectively increases productivity.

Smart Warehouse LA-06

Complete installation: SR-06, RUBI 406VA and LAM 304
Complete installation: SR-06, RUBI 406VA and LAM 304

Together with the SR-06 warehouse, a RUBI 406VA monolithic cutting table has been installed. Its innovative automatic loading design is integrated into the structure of the cutting table itself, optimising the processes of loading, positioning, cutting and evacuation or cutting, allowing to meet the needs ensuring maximum productivity and automation in just 35 m².

RUBI 406VA automatic cutting table
RUBI 406VA automatic cutting table

To complete the installation, a second loading and cutting line for standard laminated glass has been added: LAM 304 + MV300. Compactly designed, it performs loading, stripping, cutting, cutting and separating exceptionally well on glass up to 10+10 mm thick, even on high-strength and high-stiffness butyral glass.

A combination of features and technologies guarantee efficient, precise and high quality glass cutting. From its robust design to its advanced control system, each element is designed to optimise the cutting process and improve productivity in glass handling in different industrial applications.

Complete float cutting line

LAM 304 + MV 300
LAM 304 + MV 300

These automated tables with state-of-the-art technology allow Arquetipo to guarantee maximum efficiency in the cutting of monolithic and laminated glass sheets in each of its branches. Through the use of specialised software, maximum use is made of the material, which generates great savings for its customers.

Another aspect that strengthens this alliance is the technical service. Turomas has direct technical and commercial service in Chile, which allows it to create and maintain close and solid links with its customers.

"TUROMAS had the ability to achieve a very good partnership with the people. Today it is the closest line of smart tables and smart stores for us. I trust TUROMAS. Now it's the second generation, and it has managed to maintain that closeness and I think that's fundamental." - Joaquín Baeza, General Manager of Arquetipo

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