Suntuitive® Around The World

Suntuitive® Around The World
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Suntuitive Dynamic Glass in the News: a look at what you may have missed recently.


Suntuitive - Part of the Solution of Healthcare Construction and Design

In the May 2019 edition of Western Real Estate Business, Mike Conn, Senior Vice President of Meridian in San Ramon, CA wrote a tremendous article featuring five major trends in the Healthcare construction space. One of those trends was “green technology” and Suntuitive was a main driver of that effort. Conn wrote:

3. Green Technology

Reducing a building’s carbon foot- print is a critical topic, especially in California. As an example, we recently installed Suntuitive thermo- chromic glazing in two of Meridian’s recent ground-up outpatient clinics in Modesto and Stockton, Calif. This glass is more expensive up-front than traditional glass, but it should pro- duce a lower life-cycle energy cost as the glass naturally tints when heat and sunlight are applied to it. Plus, the patients’ and employees’ indoor light quality is drastically improved. Meridian is exploring other construction methods and techniques as part of its energy-saving initiatives. These include photovoltaic, modular, smart building management systems and sustainable materials.

Suntuitive is an excellent choice in the health care space with its ability to allow that healthy natural light to flow into the building! Learn more:


Continuing adventures of the Green Building Advisor and Residential Windows

In a residential project starting in 2017 and wrapping up now, a wonderful series of posts appeared on the Green Building Advisor website. Eric Whetzel brought the readers along with him on every step of the journey of building a passive style house in Chicago. The windows he chose featured Suntuitive Dynamic Glass. When the post about windows was published, Eric didn’t have a lot of data or details about Suntuitive’s performance. But he does now and we caught up with him to get some insight.

“Our experience with the Suntuitive glass has been really positive. It works so well we don't really notice it much. In the winter it doesn't noticeably tint, so we've never felt like it was blocking out the sun when we actually wanted it to enter our house. And in the summer, the tinting is so effective we've never had to consider any kind of window treatments to block afternoon sun. In fact, the Suntuitive works so well in the summer, even on the hottest, sunniest afternoons, that it's easy to forget that it's working. In part, I think this is because it so seamlessly tints and goes clear, so that we've never had a moment where we wished the glass was darker or clearer. The transition between clear and full tint is so subtle that you just go about your day and you're able to forget it's in place doing exactly what it's supposed to do --- fully tinted or clear exactly when you need it.” – Eric Whetzel

Suntuitive allows you to enjoy your view and become more comfortable, something everyone should want whether its at your home or office.


Suntuitive in Hong Kong

The Tuen Mun Siu Lun Government Complex, comprised of a sports center, community hall and other government facilities now features Suntuitive dynamic glass. The building is located in the growing area of Tuen Mun.

This new complex was designed and built with sustainability in mind.

“A major consideration for the Hong Kong Government was the environment and doing right by it with the products they chose to be in their newest building,” said HY Chui of Full Treasure Glass, Suntuitive Hong Kong distributor who introduced SunnyGlass™ with Suntuitive to this project.


More than 500 projects around the world

Whether its healthcare facility in California, passivehouse in Chicago or a government complex in Hong Kong, Suntuitive is the choice for natural light, occupant comfort, solar control, sound and safety, and so many other high performance attributes. 

To learn more about Suntuitive, visit


ABOUT Suntuitive

Suntuitive Glass is the most advanced, yet simplest, dynamic glass technology available. With Suntuitive Glass, architects, building owners, building professionals and homeowners can specify an adaptive glazing system that transitions seamlessly between clear and tinted. 

Suntuitive dynamic glass works through the use of a thermochromic interlayer that is activated by heat from direct sunlight, causing the window to tint as necessary. The thermochromic elements are embedded in a PVB (polyvinyl butyl) interlayer, which is then laminated between two pieces of glass. This laminate is then incorporated into the final product, a dynamic insulated glass unit (dIGU). There is no electricity used to make this resilient product work and the window unit installs in the same way a traditional unit does.

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