RCN Solutions Supplies Viraver Technology for Special Bending Project

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Date: 19 March 2024

Viraver Technology Srl and RCN Solutions forge an innovative path in high-tech curved glass production.

Viraver Technology srl, located in Vanzo, province of Padova, does not need any presentation: the name is enough to recall the image of a leader company in the glass industry, in particular in the production of high-tech transparent solutions and safety products for yachting as well as for automotive. They are appreciated not only in Italy but worldwide. 

Viraver Technology was founded in 2000 from the experience of its President, Ennio Mazzarolo, who together with his son Marco and an expert team, carries out important projects requiring the utmost glass safety, offering all the experience and professionality of Italian excellence. Keeping up with technology, Viraver is ready to push forward by studying innovative proposals paying the utmost care to quality, regulations, standards, and specific individual demands. 

Viraver Technology covers a very large area where they have installed machines able to offer products of big sizes, becoming one of the major reference points for safety products having high-tech systems. 

Looking for a solution to increase the production of curved glass, Viraver contacted RCN at the beginning of 2023, submitting the feasibility for one rotating system with four positions. 

RCN had not yet manufactured one bending kiln having the features required by the customer but has the idea in mind to develop something similar to widen the technical-commercial offer with products built with more modern systems. RCN accepted the chance to take on the first big bending project. Construction started in June 2023 and ended with delivery and installation at the end of January 2024. 

Supply Viraver Technology has been a huge experience for RCN: trust has been a very important matter, allowing it to face the wall for technical development. Thanks to the new generation joining the RCN’s technical team, who are highly motivated to study new high-tech solutions to facilitate and maximize production, keeping an eye on the experience in bending acquired over the years. No less important has been the assistance from Viraver who has not hesitated to support RCN about technical choices.  

This is how the rotary bending system was born, a self-excluding twin-axle machine, equipped with four working positions, controlled movement, and a size of 4000x5500xH2000 millimeters.

The machine is in full production for special curves that can be performed thanks to Viraver’s experience in bending, a job for which this company shows great skill and from which RCN has learned a lot. 

RCN SOLUTIONS is ready for new challenges.

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