New names are on deck for three Solarban® glass products in 2023

New names are on deck for three Solarban® glass products in 2023
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Vitro Architectural Glass

Date: 14 December 2022

In 2023, Vitro will introduce new names for three of our signature Solarban® glass products: Solarban® 67 glass, Solarban® z50 glass and Solarban® z75 glass.

The new names will make it easier to understand the unique visual appeal and performance of these products and help you make the best selection for your projects.

It’s important to understand the products are not changing at all. The performance and visual characteristics of all three glasses will remain the same. We are only changing their names!

Beginning in January, Solarban® 67 glass will become Solarban® R67. This will bring Solarban® R67 into a group of subtly reflective glasses, including Vitro’s Solarban® R77 and Solarban® R100 glasses, and will help make its aesthetic attributes clearer.

Additionally, Solarban® z50 glass will be renamed Solarban® 60 on Optiblue® glass and Solarban® z75 glass will become Solarban® 70 on Optiblue® glass. These new names describe the products’ composition as Solarban® z50 glass has always consisted of our Solarban® 60 low-e coating on an Optiblue® glass substrate. Similarly, Solarban® z75 is made up of our Solarban® 70 low-e coating on an Optiblue® glass substrate.

In the new year, expect the same aesthetics, performance and quality you rely on from Solarban® solar control low-e glass by Vitro – with a few new, more descriptive product names.

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