Lumen, the “night-friendly” glass

Date: 24 August 2015
Lumen, new product of Faraone, company, acclaimed in Italy and abroad for its products for glass architecture.

This glass sheet has been designed to use on balustrades, canopies, stairs and glass doors, that can provide sensational light effects.Lumen, makes full use of the light-emitting diode technology (LED), known for being durable (its life cycle is around 20 times longer than normal light bulbs), economic (with energy savings reaching as much as 90% compared to traditional light sources) and environmentally-friendly.Offers the greatest impact in terms of emotional connection: this is why it is increasingly chosen by designers and our customers.

Moreover, the Lumen functionality is extremely simple and allows to program when turn on and off this bright glass.

600450 Lumen, the “night-friendly” glass
Date: 24 August 2015

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