LandGlass Glass Tempering Furnace Proves Itself Well against the Test of Time

There is a saying that time tries all. The same is true with glass tempering furnace.  

Recently, one of LandGlass' old customers, Mr. Saidazim from Tashkent, Uzbekistan managed to visit LandGlass, who spoke highly of glass tempering furnace made by LandGlass. Mr. Saidazim purchased one glass tempering furnace from LandGlass in 2011.

Here below is his comment, "We have been using products of the LandGlass Company during the last five years. In these five years of using LandGlass' glass tempering furnace, we did not have serious problems with the equipment. I highly recommend this furnace for those who are engaged in glass tempering.

First, assembling quality of products is at the highest level. This is first, and second is parts used in the equipment; they conform to the very high level of operation. We can list many good characteristics: first, it is ceramic shafts which, ... which are produced in France, and mechanical parts are also very good. Yet it should be noted, ... it should be noted ... a lot of things."

LandGlass has been always making every effort to improve its glass tempering furnaces. LandGlass believes that time will tell.

600450 LandGlass Glass Tempering Furnace Proves Itself Well against the Test of Time

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