Glas Trösch: Securing transparency

SILVERSTAR ALARM combines protection with maximum creative freedom
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SILVERSTAR ALARM - protection with maximum creative freedom.

When it comes to the protection of property and persons, windows are among a building’s weakest points. As criminals most often obtain access via this vulnerability, upgrading to a glass with an integrated alarm system is a worthwhile investment.

For planners, the installation of alarm-triggering circuitry, however, often means that the aesthetics of the façade are spoiled by visually distracting elements.

Glas Troesch has now developed the SILVERSTAR ALARM tempered safety glass to a level such that the alarm system can be applied invisibly to the glass. This glass thus offers all-round protection without limiting planners’ creative freedom.

SILVERSTAR ALARM is ideal wherever enhanced security is required in combination with the desire to retain a modern architectural look with great transparency.

The alarm glass enables the creation of façades that require no further protections such as fencing or grilles. Thanks to the latest iteration of SILVERSTAR ALARM, the alarm-triggering circuitry is now also hidden from view – meaning there are no limits to creative freedom.


Protection and aesthetics united

Transparent, printed, or resistant to attack: SILVERSTARM ALARM can be fitted with solar or thermal protection coatings, or finished with digital printing technology.

Where enhanced safety requirements exist, the alarm glass can also be combined with high-security laminated safety glass. If using thicker or thinner glass, the performance of the alarm-triggering glass remains unrestricted, ensuring reliable and all-round protection.


Better safe than sorry

SILVERSTAR ALARM is connected to an alarm system using electrically conductive loops and will trigger a signal at even the slightest contact. Thanks to a single conductor loop, there is also no risk of an unwanted interruption in the circuit that could potentially trigger a false alarm. The alarm glass is ideal for use in residential buildings, office buildings, retail stores, or industrial facilities.

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