Choose right: Viewing coated glass samples with a handy guide

Choose right: Viewing coated glass samples with a handy guide
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Date: 24 March 2022

Is it possible to create a building that is both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient? Meeting your project’s requirements doesn’t have to be a daunting or complicated process.

Guardian Glass experts offer some simple yet effective advice to help you choose the right coated glass for your design.

A practical guide to make the right choice

The process of choosing the right glass to match your design begins by assessing the building’s purpose and the needs of the occupants. Does the facade require a low or a high solar heat gain? Greater transparency or improved privacy? And would you prefer to go for a neutral toned or colored glass? A high or a low reflection? Coated glass can contribute to the comfort of interior spaces, helping to reduce glare and optimize thermal conditions, while maintaining transparency.

But to choose the right coated glass, you also need to try to understand what it will look like once installed on the building: to test its appearance, you need a practical method... And here it is.

Choose right: Viewing coated glass samples with a handy guide

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A simple yet effective method to view coated glass samples

To determine the right coated glass to meet your project requirements, observing samples in various lighting conditions, preferably outdoors,  helps you understand the impact of the glass’ aesthetics on your building project.

Too many options?

There is so much to consider when choosing glass to help create a building that meets the energy requirements but also your design idea .  With our easy-to-follow tips on  viewing coated glass samples, you’ll have  practical guide to help you make an informed choice. 

With our expert advice, we may be able to guide you to success. Get the facts you need to make the right choice of glass that suits your building’s requirements. Want to know more? Check out our fact sheet below!

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600450 Choose right: Viewing coated glass samples with a handy guide

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