FeneTech Inc.

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260 Campus Drive
Aurora 44202 OH
United States


FeneTech, Inc. delivers a modern, reliable, and extremely flexible ERP software for glass fabricators and window and door manufacturers—FeneVision.

This fully integrated software operates on a graphical user interface running on a single database, allowing employees to see—in real time—exactly what is happening on the production floor. FeneVision provides all the tools necessary to control each phase of production, including web and client-based quotation and order handling, pricing and costing, an integrated CAD for glass shapes, a comprehensive shower door designer that allows customers to choose their own hardware, the dynamic creation of bills of materials, capacity planning, production scheduling, dynamic or batch glass cutting optimization, lineal optimization, tracking control (including the handling of rejects, production monitoring, logistics, and shipping), and mobile delivery using an iPad, in addition to invoicing,  return merchandise authorization, a CRM tool, and reporting through their FeneVision Business Intelligence (BI). The FeneVision LineScanner features a new anisotropy check and edge stress check that revolutionizes the ability to see the stresses within heat treated glass.

FeneTech is based in northeast Ohio at 260 Campus Drive, Aurora, Ohio US and maintains a European location in Luxembourg, FeneTech, SARL, Centre Hermes7B, Rue des Mérovingiens L-8070 Bertrange.


FeneVision ERP System for flat glass manufacturing
Annealed, Monolithic, Heat Strengthened, Tempered, Laminated, Insulated, Notches, Drill holes, Spacers, Grids, Gas Filling.... so many options...
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A glass fabrication company can and should be a highly efficient custom manufacturing operation. But most glass companies are being held back on the shop floor - and wherever else work is done on isolated systems, data is entered over and over again or procedures are limited, inadequate and outdated.

FeneVision is the first glass fabrication system designed from the factory floor up, rather than from the office down. It doesn’t try to take command in the front office only to lose its way in the factory. It wasn’t dreamed up by some programmer or accountant.

Instead, FeneVision was created and built by manufacturing engineers with a world of experience in process control systems and manufacturing integration - and more than a decade of direct experience in glass and window manufacturing.

FeneTech has used that knowledge and capability to create an advanced manufacturing system that captures data once, and then uses it efficiently everywhere from the front office to the shipping dock and back again. FeneVision helps you "create" time throughout your organization by automating what can be done better by computers and by connecting the process and people that achieve more by working together – all based on one central Microsoft SQL Server database.

Bringing it all together lets you gain control over the chaos of mass custom manufacturing. Giving you instant access to accurate information improves decision-making and customer service. Making it easy to use helps you improve productivity and reduce training costs.

Fenetech’s goal is not to just sell software, but to become your long-term partner for manufacturing and business excellence, to help bring everything in your business together how it should be. In glass fabrication, it all starts on the factory floor, where FeneVision truly excels - so you can.

Sales tools: FeneVision WEB & Remote Order Entry
Today’s reality is that the ability to develop quotations and place orders cannot begin and end at the door to your business. These tools must be readily available for all of your customers and sales personnel where they are—in the field.
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FeneTech has developed web and client based quotation and order entry applications built on the concepts of our successful FeneVision Order Entry system.

FeneVision Optimization Tools
FeneVision Optimization tools were specifically designed to get the most out of your raw materials.
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We realize that optimization is essential in running an efficient, profitable business. However, optimization is more than just getting the most out of materials. It is also getting the most out of manpower, machinery, and time. FeneTech offers lineal optimization and glass optimization products that can operate as a standalone application, interface with other open architecture systems, or tightly integrate with the FeneVision CORE software.

FeneTech Quality Solutions
FeneVision quality solutions give users the tools to visually display items to be manufactured with the correct colors and details and eliminates redundant data entry, a significant source of errors.
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Additionally, these quality solutions provide customizable reporting that enables you to see into all areas of your operation and detect trends and issues.

But we don’t stop there. In addition to modules that extend FeneVision to more areas of your business, we offer three additional quality solutions that can be operated as standalone applications or integrated with FeneVision:  the LineScanner, VirtualDigitizer and CulletScanner.

FeneVision Interfaces: Accounting Systems and Production Machinery
FeneVision was designed as an open architecture system that can interface with other systems and machines.
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We have existing interfaces to popular accounting and business systems and production equipment, but any open architecture machinery can be interfaced with FeneVision. Each machine’s unique interface allows maximum flexibility when routing material through the shop floor.

Existing FeneVision Interfaces are listed below. If we don’t have an interface for your open architecture machinery, accounting or business system, we will develop it.

FeneVision Customization
Customization means that FeneTech is prepared to meet your more challenging software needs.
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As experienced software developers, we realize that standard software products may not meet every unique requirement of your operation. We take pride in our custom software development expertise and have completed projects ranging from simple interfaces between dissimilar systems to vast client-server software solutions.