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A-WR System 3.0
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Date: 24 July 2020

The exclusive A-WR System introduces a completely automatic wheels setting management.

Automatic wheels presetting system and tools wear recovery.

The exclusive A-WR System introduces a completely automatic wheels setting management, which includes:

1. Automatic pre-setting "ZERO" procedure of diamond and resin wheels, without glass in less than one minute 
2. Automatic recover of the polishing wheels’ wear 
3. Automatic positioning for the wheel’s replacement 
4. Jog increase/decrease of the spindle position (accuracy 0.01 mm) 
5. Automatic positioning on setpoint 
6. Automatic backlash recovery 
7. Automatic spindle cleaning procedure 
8. Wheels wear warning 
9. Spindle's problems warning 
10. Manual unlocking for any situation 
11. Motorized adjustable inlet conveyor

Automatic “zero” presetting of diamond and resin wheels procedure: 
At the beginning of the shift/day or whenever deemed necessary, the operator selects the “TEACH-IN” option from the touchscreen panel.
The machine stops the inlet conveyor, lowers all the spindles and then sets the diamond and the resin wheels spindles at the pre-set height with a 0,01 mm tolerance. No test glass needed.
The system also calculates the inlet conveyor belt wear for a greater accuracy. 

Advantages of the Lattuada A-WR system:
- Wheels setting in less than 1 minute, instead of an average 20/30 minutes manual setting.
- Constant wheels setting regardless operator turnover on the machine.
- Extremely simple to use, no sample glass needed.
- Uniform wheels wear.
- Increased spindles cleaning thanks to the spindles jog movement.
- Reduced exit conveyor belt wear or damaging due to an incorrect wheels “zero” setting.
- Early warning on potential maintenance issues.
- Constant quality, more productivity, less maintenance… more revenue.

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