Switchable Security Glass – The Perfect Solution for Commercial Businesses

Switchable glass enhances the design of any commercial business and now it can also increase the security too. The transformative technology can be merged with any type of security glass, whether it’s ballistic, anti-attack or fire resistant glass. 

This creates the perfect blend of innovative design and protection for your property.

After all, it not only protects your business, but also your investment, as it makes your glass panels strong enough to withstand any blow. This lessens the likelihood you’ll have to replace them due to cracks or breakages, making them the ideal investment.


What is switchable security glass?

Switchable security glass is created by combining conventional switchable Smartglass with high impact resistant security glass. The security glass contains a layer of polycarbonate and, although this is thin, it protects your property by preventing blows to the glass from shattering the panes. It can even withstand repeated blows or the use of sharp objects thus providing an effective barrier against vandalism or theft. The combined protection and privacy offered by switchable security glass lends itself to a number of applications in a commercial premises:


1. Windows

Windows are particularly vulnerable to attack or accidental damage. This can often prevent businesses from investing in switchable glass technology, as they believe their investment is at too high a risk of damage.

However, with switchable security glass, this is no longer a concern as the durability of the glass is greatly increased. Instead, you can now have an interactive window display, that instantly changes state, perfect for providing privacy or impressing passers-by while remaining a security barrier.


2. Doors

Like windows, glass panes on doors are particularly prone to damage. However, switchable security glass allows you to install glass that provides both privacy and protection. Whether it’s a simple one panel door, or a sliding and revolving entry way, switchable security glass technology is sure to enhance the exterior of your business.

In fact, switchable security glass also provides an easy means of allowing natural light to travel throughout your property, enabling the illusion of a larger space without compromising on the security of the business. Since the opaque state also provides confidentiality instantly, there is now no need to rely on harsh artificial lighting for your business.


3. Privacy Partitions

There are many situations where requirements for natural daylight and security go hand in hand. Providing privacy in secure institutions such as prisons and psychiatric wards can be problematic. Curtains and blinds are not an option for obvious reasons. That’s why having the polycarbonate layer applied to the glass is the smart choice, as the durable design protects the switchable glass partitions against damage from any impact and maintains a safe comfortable and secure environment for patients and staff alike


Considering switchable security glass for an upcoming project?

For more information on how switchable glass can now increase the security of your business, contact Smartglass International today. We’d be happy to discuss how the glass can be customised for your particular commercial project.

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Date: 1 June 2016
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