Smart-Balustrade: A Dream Come True

No longer is it necessary to flick through endless product catalogues and poke away at fiddly buttons on a calculator.

Smart-Builder's latest release of Smart-Balustrade makes balustrade design software a reality for everyone. This latest offering from Smart-Builder's impressive line of glass configuration software is a dream come true for anyone involved in the design of balustrades and hand rails.

Many of Smart-Builder's existing shower and shopfront software users had asked if a balustrade design system might become available. Well, it seems that their calls have been answered. Smart-Balustrade has been developed to work for anyone, using Smart-Builder's software know-how and the experience of balustrade experts from among their loyal customers.

As you would expect from Smart-Builder, a simple and easy to use, drag-and-drop interface belies the power of the system. The design engine makes short work of all the complex trigonometry, hardware decisions, glass calculations and extrusion measurements required. We were delighted to see that the software automatically makes the rail-length adjustments, necessary to line up stair and level sections; this has always been a troublesome calculation.

The hardware database can be set up to model most hardware ranges. This leaves the user only needing to pick a style and then drag-and-drop stair and level sections to complete a project. Every part of the design can be overridden and every change is automatically reflected by the bill of materials (BOM) and glass cutting instructions that are generated. Of course, the beautifully rendered 3D balustrade pictures will make a great sales tool as well.

You can request a free trial of the balustrade software for yourself by clicking here.

600450 Smart-Balustrade: A Dream Come True
Date: 24 March 2009
Source: Smart-Builder

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