Rolltech, a highly energy-efficient company with certified excellence

 Rolltech, a highly energy-efficient company with certified excellence
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Anyone who makes energy efficiency a key asset of its products cannot help but achieve certification of excellence in this field for its own production.

Which is why Rolltech, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the glass industry, has obtained ISO 50001 certification.

At its Hjørring facility, Rolltech’s manufacturing plant in Denmark, production of latest generation warm edge spacers for the international glazing industry continues around the clock.

Research and innovation are the strategic ingredients in the company’s bid to successfully outperform its international competitors.

The globally-recognized ISO 50001 certification is designed to put in place the procedures the company needs to pursue ongoing improvement of its energy-saving performance.

Rolltech has reached this objective and has designed an operations program capable of creating, setting in motion, maintaining and improving an energy management system.

This topic is a core issue across industries in general and internationally. The most recent estimates report constant growth in primary demand for energy in the coming years with constantly rising energy and production costs.

The most forward-thinking companies have begun to adopt the appropriate countermeasures, aimed not only at short-term cost containment but at creating strategic energy management plans in a long-range vision of the future.

This is precisely the course of action undertaken by Rolltech that has led the company to achieve constant optimization of its performance, both in terms of consumption and use, with an overall benefit of considerable impact, even in the long term.

In addition to strategically planning consumption with an eye to greater efficiency, the actions required for certification also contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases, dramatically lessening the environmental impact of Rolltech’s Danish facility.

A more efficient use of energy is the most effective way to face the challenges of climate change and contribute to global wellbeing, even starting from a tiny corner of the planet.

In fact, energy savings not only means lower production costs - an indisputable benefit for any business - but also a reduction in harmful emissions, a universal benefit for everyone.

This kind of corporate culture has traditionally set apart the Fenzi Group and the entire Glass Alliance network, for whom the quality of the products developed and supplied is closely tied to the quality of the surrounding environment, epitomized in a long-range vision where technological growth is in perfect harmony with the environment.

And, technological development is exactly what makes the tools necessary for eco-friendly production increasingly available.

If research leads to the development of products with a low environmental impact, it follows that similar attention should be paid to the production process as well.

Maximizing all the available technologies for energy efficiency to the fullest is the strategy put into play by Rolltech, in a constantly-evolving plan of action that involves 360-degree innovation.

Thanks to the high level of expertise achieved by the company over the years, and its continuous investment in research for new solutions to further develop not only its products but also its production techniques, Rolltech has once again succeeded in optimizing its business performance.

600450 Rolltech, a highly energy-efficient company with certified excellence

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