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Date: 16 September 2005
Source: Optima S.r.l.

Date: 16 September 2005

Hall: 16I / Stand: F06-10Once again, Optima S.r.l., a leading Italian software house producing and marketing dedicated systems for the glass industry, is offering a series of new applications to coincide with Vitrum 2005.

To mark the occasion of one of the glass industry’s most important trade fairs, the new releases of two product lines will be unveiled, Opty-Way® and Opty-Way Enterprise, both offering improved graphics and functionality, as well as the launch of Scan-Way, the innovative system of cutting profile reading by means of digital camera.Opty-Way®, now at the 6.0 version, is the mono-user level of the product that, until today, has 3.000 systems installed worldwide, and is one of the most widestpread and appreciated software system in cutting optimization for flat surfaces.Important updates includes:

 Restyling: a complete overhauling of the product that has lead to a series of significant improvements and new functions.
 Data visualization: a new way of visualizing and grouping the data on video, with a net improvement in the time needed for the processing and control of same data. Also note is that this systems is integrated with the printing stage and therefore, “what you see” is what you print.
 Optimization: new aggorithms for the calculations of optimization with a considerable reduction of wastematerial in particolar cases. Possibilità of generatine cutting optimization with predefined order, such as: rack, client, position, etc. This operation is particulary useful for those companies with a strict productive cycle, or with lack of processing space.
 Connection with new plants for automatic cutting and bending/sealing.
 Classic and/or “harp” rack management, with authomatic splitting of the orders lines to obtain correct sequencing of the glass to be cut.
 New launch of CAD-Way bidimensional CAD, integrated with the main module, that considerable increased functionally an pratically.
 Parametric shapes: updating of the system with the integration of new format files, both in reading and writing. Increased number of parametric shapes.
 Integration with the new Scan-Way system for the transfer of profiles via digital camera.

The followings add on modules to complete Opty-Way® line:

Rack-Way - Module for managing the delivery sequence or flow of the items being processed. The system is integrated with the optimization algorithm for calculating flows and reducing waste.

CAD-Way - Two-dimensional CAD to generate free shapes. Drawing system for all graphic primitives and primitive processing functions. Import/export of common and sector graphic formats. Direct link to digitizing tablets or electronic digitizers.

Door-Way – Software system for the parametric creation of simple doors and structures in glass. From simple glass doors, up to complex glass panel, manufactured on more facades and with different types of processing technology.

Optistrato – interactive management of optimization and severing of laminated glass. Personalized layout of cutting sequenze on automatic cutting table. Calculation algorithm for the reduction of processing times on automatic cutting tables. Direct connection to the CN of the automatic or semi-automatic cutting system.

TV-Way - System for displaying cutting or break-out plans of materials to be cut / broken-out by means of cutting tables or shears. Cutting sequence, crosscuts, image zoom, dimension indication, different kinds of processing, warehouse or shipping racks.

Alongside Opty-Way, there will also be Opty-Way Enterprise, the software system expressly dedicated to medium-and large-size companies, where the distribution and control of information is fundamental. Opty-Way Enterprise, with the most advanced software technology, anables glassworks to:

• Insert an order or offer from a client, and evacuate the same
• Manage personalized price lists as per client, category of client, type of product
• Define the structure of products both as per materials as well as per processing phases to be carried out
• Create parametric and/or free-style shapes
• Insert client orders directly into production
• Optimize cutting freely or with the aid of production and/or shipping racks
• Control the ongoing of production in its different phases, by means of bar codes and/or terminals, via radio.
• Control material ready so as to plan shipping
• Issue shipping documents as per material available
• Issue invoices as per shipping orders
• Comunicate data of issued invoices to the administration system

Opty-Way Enteprise fully exploits integration with Opty-Way as per straight and shaped cutting optimization, as well as with connection to the most frequently used and important cutting plants, and CAD-CAM. Opty-Way Enterprise is, therefore, a software system able to unify all operations of a glassworks, from receiving of orders right up to shipping of the same order.

A further complete inoovation will be presented by Optima: SCAN-WAY, a programme that enables to obtain the characteristics of a product to be created in glass by means of scanner digital camera and to obtain the features needed for its production. Scan-Way, therefore, enables the acquisition and transfer of images containing profiles, so as to obtain the geometry of the same images. This simple definition, hower, hides numerous functions able to respond positively to the various needs and diverse situations that can take place in the glass sector. The “Base” version of Scan-Way handles transfer, while the Photo version is complete with algorithm for the calibration and compensation of images.

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