New SuperNeutral Solar control from Guardian Glass UK

Now available from Guardian Glass UK: SunGuard SuperNeutral SN 29/18. The new SuperNeutral glass offers exceptional solar control with a surprisingly natural looking appearance.

Excessive solar heat gain can quickly cause a building to overheat; even in colder climates, spells of direct solar heat gain can be magnified though glazing, causing any area behind the glass to become excessively warm and uncomfortable, SN 29/18 is an ideal solution. Excessive solar heat gain tends to create a requirement for mechanical cooling, leading to additional demands on energy and increased cost to manage the building effectively.

Prevention is the best method of avoiding long standing costs for excessive energy use. By selecting the right glass specification at design stage it is possible to reduce the risk of overheating and help create a more comfortable environment in the building.

The new SunGuard SuperNeutral SN 29/18 is produced on Guardian Extra Clear float glass and offers an exceptionally low solar factor of just 18%, which means the glass reflects 82% of the solar heat away from the building; this makes it ideal for large glass facades, south facing elevations and roof glazing. Coupled with a light transmission of 29%, SN 29/18 also helps to reduce glare.

The most surprising aspect of the new SN 29/18 is its neutral appearance; despite such a low solar factor SN 29/18 has a colour distortion of just 10%, justifying its position in the SunGuard SuperNeutral range. SN 29/18 can also help to balance the energy inside the building, with a U value of 1.1 W/m2K in a common 6/16/4, Argon 90%, insulating glass unit. SN 29/18 not only helps to control the effects of solar heat gain, it also retains heat energy produced inside the building, helping to keep demands on energy to a minimum. SN 29/18 is ideal for either commercial or residential projects, it adds aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency to glazed facades or an ideal solution for year round use of conservatories, orangeries and other rooms with roof glazing.

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600450 New SuperNeutral Solar control from Guardian Glass UK

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