A new look for fratellipezza.com

A new look for fratellipezza.com
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Fratelli Pezza
A new look for fratellipezza.com, the website of the company Fratelli Pezza, worldwide leader in the glass sandblasting sector for over 40 years.

The site, accessible from any technology platform (PC, smartphone and tablet), has been revamped from both the technological and graphic point of view to provide a more rapid and effective response to the demands of the glass industry professionals.

There are many new features that, with a simple click, can be activated. In the "You choose" section it’s possible to identify the blasting unit that best suits the customer’s needs through examples of different types of sandblasting.

Another useful tool is the possibility to interact directly with the technical assistance by filling in the dedicated form. "We decided to introduce a dedicated form for technical assistance, so that the customer in case of any failure, processing trouble, doubt, etc. can leave a detailed description of the issue, enabling our customer service to quickly identify the best solution to the reported problem" says Michela Pezza, Managing Director.

From the site the visitors can reach all the social channels of the company "it is interesting for us to see the work done by our customers and we are happy to share them on the social medias.

Customers often exchange tips and interact with each other leaving a positive feedback on our products, and this gives us great satisfaction”. It’s also been created the section "video" where it’s possible to see the machinery in operation.

But this is not all, the platform will be soon enriched with new contents and features that will enable the customers to source products more quickly.

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