Klein: Architectural Glass Walls That Do the Heavy Lifting

Architectural Glass Walls That Do the Heavy Lifting
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Date: 7 June 2019

How do we handle heavier architectural glass walls? With KLEIN® Rollglass+ 150 and Unikglass+ 150. These two interior wall systems can now accommodate doors weighing up to 330 pounds.

Our brand saw the need and put our experts to work in designing an even larger clamp — able to fasten onto a greater surface area – to support heavier glass panels without the need for floor tracks or drilling in the glass. Rollglass+ 150 and Unikglass+ 150 both include our KSC (Klein Soft Closing) braking mechanism.

Architectural Glass Walls That Do the Heavy Lifting

Visit our Klein Braking Systems page to learn more about KSC, offered exclusively on our Klein+ lines.

Architectural Glass Walls That Do the Heavy LiftingWith any new product in our architectural glass walls line, it’s important to us to conserve our characteristic elements of minimalism and total transparency, regardless of size. And we feel like we achieved this with the new 150 products.

Our goal is for you to be able to integrate even more stunning frameless glass applications into your projects, with even greater passageways that are completely clear of architectural barriers. So how do you know if your project requires a heavier sliding glass door? The formula we use to calculate the weight of the glass is:

3/8” thick glass: [Height (inches) x Width (Inches)/144] x 5.1 = Weight (lbs) 

1/2” thick glass: [Height (inches) x Width (Inches)/144] x 6.5 = Weight (lbs)

*Both Rollglass+ 150 and Unikglass+ 150 are designed to support glass ½” thick.

For accurate specs for your project, we recommend you use our convenient, online specs tool. This will allow you to create and download the blueprint you need to take your project from concept to implementation. It will also help you calculate the exact passageway you can achieve.



Here’s a quick comparison of these two popular door options:

Rollglass+ creates a glass front that combines fixed and mobile glass panels on a single track. It can be hidden in a drop ceiling for a completely minimalist effect. It has a light, elegant design. Versatile and flexible, it allows for various combinations, down to the smallest detail.

Unikglass+ has a discrete profile that guides a single mobile glass pane. It can be hidden in a drop ceiling for a completely minimalist effect. This system does not have any tracks or other architectural barriers on the floor. It allows for an easy and completely intuitive assembly.

Both wall systems are offered in three different metal finishes: black, bronze and silver.

We hope you will embrace whichever of these systems best meets your needs with the same enthusiasm we’ve put into designing.

Architectural Glass Walls That Do the Heavy Lifting

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