Internorm Increases Capabilities By Using LiSEC Systems

The renowned window manufacturer Internorm uses Lisec Systems to increase its already extensive manufacturing capabilities.

In three different locations throughout Austria, Internorm manufactures insulating glass, frames, profiles and windows. Triple glazed units today account for approximately 70% of Internorm’s insulating glass production. With the trend towards triple glazed units continuing to grow. Internorm has enhanced the capacity of their largest site in Traun (Upper Austria) using Lisec Systems.

Overview of the IGU production line

The new systems which are housed over 6,500 m² at Internorm's plant include a new insulating glass production line, including connected float and laminated glass cutting system. In addition, the Software solutions provided by Lisec tie these systems together to offer a very high degree of automation. “In our production facility most of the processes that can be automated are now automated, from the gantry crane through to the sealing system”, Konrad Wiesinger, production manager of Internorm says enthusiastically. "The 25 employees who work on the production line during each shift mainly perform a supervision and control function".

The new system for automatic cutting of float and laminated safety glass

The modern system at Internorm combines speed, quality and flexibility. After automatic float and laminated glass cutting, the sheets are processed, and finally undergo a quality check. Glass is fed into the production line from a 452 slot storage rack, and this is where the newest generation of Lisec glass transport shuttles comes into play. These shuttles run smoothly even at maximum speeds. At Internorm two transport shuttles are used to automatically load and unload the storage rack.

Filling frames with desiccant and butyl application are carried out simultaneously on two 'spacer frame lines'. Mounting spacer frames on glass sheets is a semi-automatic process. Assembly, gas-filling, pressing and sealing of insulating glass units, in turn, are carried out automatically. All cutting and production data are subsequently transferred to the Lisec automation system and managed by production control software.

"Lisec Is at the Forefront of the Market"

With this configuration up to 600 triple glazed units can be manufactured per shift. Lisec continues to provide Internorm with a fast and stable system and the two work well as a team to achieve success for Internorm. “However, we continue to strive for greater success and speed"”, Mr Wiesinger notes. “We continue to improve our systems and Lisec allows us to get more out of our systems and the improvements can be implemented quickly".

Flexibility and speed are not the only decisive factors for Internorm. As a supplier of high quality products, Internorm confidently relies on Lisec to provide ongoing support and engineering services." Offering high quality products definitely requires more than just a clean work environment and well-trained staff. A crucial aspect is the production equipment used", Mr Wiesinger remarks. "We expect great success from the system and the continued support of the Lisec team in both the short and the long term."

Butyled frames are fed in manually, and applied to the glass automatically

To guarantee top quality, Internorm relies on the proven high quality scanner GPS.perfectscan, which automatically identifies faults when passing glass sheets through

600450 Internorm Increases Capabilities By Using LiSEC Systems

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