FBSProfilati - The Importance of Details on Show At Vitrum 2005

Date: 16 September 2005
Source: FBSProfilati srl
FBSProfilati srl with over 30 years’ experience and tradition in the decorative profiles and related accessories for insulating glass units as well as flat glass, has never stopped looking for innovative solutions.

Introducing our new range of exquisite decors for insulating glass units: “Florence” Décors FB 9019 and FB 9163 An exclusive Lily Flower design for an extra touch of style in window decorations, easily and quickly assembled like all of the FBSProfilati grilles.“Infinito” Décor FB 9020 A brand new intriguing loop design, with clear cut lines for an elegant result, easily and quickly assembled like all of the FBSProfilati grilles.“Wrought Iron“ Décor FB 9016 and FB 9162The classic evergreen decorations, successfully on the market for several years.A Company on the Move

FBSProfilati srl is pleased to announce their imminent relocation to new premises in Settimo Milanese, Milan, via Edison 251.
The new warehouse, production departments and offices will cover an area of about 3000 square metres, resulting in higher efficiency and quality standards. Please check our website www.fbsprofilati.it for an update on the move.

The Company‘s Best Sellers

Among our best achievements are the decorative grille, that do not require the use of any special tool because the aluminium bars are simply cut with a standard disk blade at 90°; the assembling is easily made using partially hidden junctions and our unique accessories that allow the creation of elaborated designs.
Our range includes: FB 1062, a round-shaped profile ( 8 mm. diameter ) available in no fewer than 15 chromatic variants, including wood finishings; FB 1322 (8x5 mm.), ideal for creating various designs and patterns, from the classic European style to the more exotic “Wrought Iron Effect” obtained using our decorative element FB 9016.
Our “Georgian style” profiles are FB 1251 (17,3 x 5 mm ), FB 1295 (25 x 7 mm) and the new FB 2218 (18 x 8 mm.), all of them are available in the two-tone version , combining any two of the FBSProfilati srl full colour range, they open unlimited possibilities in creating special effects.

Last, but not least, our three lines of profiles for cathedral and artistic glass creations :

Series FB 1200

A range of brass and copper profiles to create welded stained-glass units. The main quality of these profiles is the total absence of lead in their composition. The profiles are available for 3 and 4 mm. thick coloured glass.

Series FB 1291-1292

They represents the aluminium version of the previous products. Aluminium allows a wider range of finishings as well as great lightness and dynamics .
The assembly is very simply obtained by fixing the profiles with sylicone or glue.

Series FB 1156-1157

They represent the final result of the evolution from the traditional assembly techniques (welding and glueing) into the practical assembly with accessories and joints.
The profiles is in fact cut straight at 90° degrees and assembled with the wide range of angled joints to create all the different combinations of designs and ornaments.
The profiles are available in a wide range of colours and for 3 and 4 mm. thick coloured glass.

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