Elegant Glass Staircases Lighting up Interior Spaces

Elegant Glass Staircases Lighting up Interior Spaces
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Glass staircases and frameless balustrades are becoming an increasingly popular option in staircase trends.

Glass panels help to create light and airy interior spaces, making even the darkest, narrowest hallways appear bigger and brighter.

The light enhancing properties that glass staircases bring to residential and commercial properties mean that staircase fitters are experiencing a surge in demand for architectural metal hardware and timber frames, depending on the material selection.

Balustrade Components UK manufacture a range of stainless steel glass fixings for staircases which satisfy the most creative of designs. Our robust, aesthetically pleasing range of hardware ensures compliance with UK Building Regulations, giving Installers and Fabricators confidence in the products and customers with peace of mind their installation will last.

Elegant Glass Staircases Lighting up Interior Spaces


Glass balustrade staircase applications

Architects and designers are increasingly specifying glazed staircases into modern interiors, particularly for the more contemporary constructions.  Glazed panels are available in various sizes for staircase structures, maximising natural light and creating a real sense of space within internal environments.  The importance of natural light is taken very seriously in modern society and greatly affects occupants’ well-being.

Aesthetically, frameless glass installations create a striking and minimalistic design, often hiding the various fixing elements e.g. channels and brackets, from view.  Functionality-wise, glazing constructions offer durable, robust and long-lasting structures.

Due to technological advances glass also offers an excellent thermal performance and acoustic sound reduction properties within residential and commercial buildings.

Elegant Glass Staircases Lighting up Interior Spaces


Architectural metal fixings for modern glass staircases

There are two main options for glass balustrade staircases – a frameless option and one that integrates a post system. Both options have the potential to create aesthetically stunning interior statement pieces

A frameless glass staircase is often favoured within real contemporary, modern interiors. Balustrade Components UK manufactures and supplies a wide range of robust, elegant base shoe options which firmly support the glass panels.

Our channels, supplied with or without dry fixing kits, ensure staircase installations comply and exceed UK Building Regulations, notably Approved Document K and British Standards 6180:2011.

We are the one-stop-shop supplier for Staircase Installers and Fabricators, offering high quality installation tools to support their glazed staircase projects. Our wedge mounting and removal tools as well as a shockless rubber hammer mean Installers can buy everything for their project from us, saving time and money from sourcing from elsewhere.

Another popular glass staircase option is integrating a handrail into the structure. Often this is for practical and safety reasons, giving homeowners that extra safety aspect for their home. Our technical team helps Installers design architectural metal fixings in the correct locations ensuring load bearing compliance, balancing the need to include enough metal fixings for performance while not over-powering the aesthetics of the clinical glass staircase.

These glazing structures will involve integrating more metal fixings into the designs, for example handrail bracketsglass clampsstandoff point fixings and other fasteners and accessories. Balustrade Components UK offers a wide range of architectural metal fixings for staircases with handrails or post systems, all available in bespoke designs or off-the-shelf, stock options which carry short lead times.

Elegant Glass Staircases Lighting up Interior Spaces


Balustrade Components – one-stop-shop supplier for Staircase Installers

Our range of stainless steel staircase fittings are produced in our manufacturing facilities based in Cannock, Staffordshire. Our production team uses the finest materials available, including Grade 304 and Grade 316 stainless steel as well as zinc alloy.

The fixings are suitable for 10mm and 12mm toughened or laminated glass, although recently we have noticed a trend for thicker glass, where anything up to 30mm plus is being used for staircases. Balustrade Components are the only UK based manufacturer to product staircase components for thick glass, where we are able to produce custom handrail brackets, stand offs, glass brackets and other fixings specifically for glass thicknesses above 25mm.

By using our range of stainless steel staircase fixings, Installers and Fabricators have the confidence that their project complies with guidelines set out in UK Building Regulations. It also guarantees consistency in the quality of the construction, and instils confidence in clients and homeowners that the build is fit for the purpose intended.


New brochure for glass staircase installations – coming in 2019

For further support to Staircase Installers and Fabricators, Balustrade Components are in the process of creating a staircase catalogue which will be a handy, concise reference for tradespeople involved in the fabrication of staircases. Containing all of the relevant, high quality products required in a glass staircase installation, you will be able to source exactly the right product in one convenient place.

Balustrade Components UK have a wide range of stocked, short-lead time components in our factory which has helped many Installer and Fabricator who contact the company with urgent requirements for their project.

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