Benteler CNC-Processing Center

Date: 3 October 2005
Source: Benteler Mechanical Engineering

Date: 3 October 2005

With the rise of shaped glass sheets in the architectural and automotive glass market, there is a decrease of glass sheets being produced in batches.

This market trend is asking for machinery that is flexible, automatic, and executes as many processing steps as possible with one piece of machinery.

These specifications are met by the Benteler CNC-Processing Center optimally. It is the all around workhorse for flat glass processing.

The CNC-Processing Center is an intelligent expansion of the well proven Benteler Portal Drilling machine – equipped with several new technical details:

• Ease of loading via roller conveyors
• Quick automatic positioning system without setting of stops
• High flexibility with automatic tool changer with 2 x 20 positions
• Secure holding of each single shaped glass panes via an automatic suction grid
• Absolutely reliable operation via protective sucker hoods and grinding and drilling spindles that are completely protected against moisture
• Inline processing capability

The line is available in 4 different sizes - suitable for the individual product portfolios of our customers. The biggest machine is able to process flat glass with the dimensions from 400 x 800 mm to 3210 x 6000 mm. This is a special advantage – i.e. a new glass sheet can be fed in and positioned without any delay or set up required from the operators while the finished product is transferring to the next processing step.
The positioning of the glass sheets will be done automatically via side alignment and laser measuring. Due to this fact operator set up time and switch over time can be completely removed form your processing equation. Equalling less human error and more yield.

The automatic suction grid is attached to a lift plate from underneath the transfer conveyors. In order to ensure a secure fixation during the processing, individual suckers will be selected for each glass sheets automatically depending on the size and shape of the product. In rest position, all suckers are protected against dirt through automatic covers.

The high-performance spindle for grinding, polishing and milling is attached to a solid portal which is manoeuvrable in cross transfer direction. This allows for full coverage without the limitations of a C- frame design.

The profile of the glass sheet can be ground and polished while being in one fixed position. Furthermore, cut-outs and pockets can be milled and ground in this position as well. For this, the tool changer provides up to 20 diverse tools for the processing. The resulting increase of flexibility is another reason to choose the Benteler CNC-processing center.

For the drilling process, the glass sheet will be transported underneath the drilling portal. On this portal, 2 double-sided drilling spindles are operating independently from each other. Boreholes with a diameter of up to 70 mm can be drilled anywhere within the size of the largest sheet of glass. For the drilling process, another set of 20 different tools will be provided.

The complex and flexible movements of the Benteler CNC-processing center are being operated with the high-performance CNC-control SINUMERIK 840 D. All entries can be done on the operating panel. Alternatively, one can also use the possibility to import program files that are generated externally.

With this high-quality machine, Benteler Mechanical Engineering is offering the best solution for your flexible all-round processing of flat glass.

600450 Benteler CNC-Processing Center

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