The Beauty of Glass isn’t Always Clear

Confident that their jobs are less in jeopardy, homeowners are once again taking a leap of faith and renovating their kitchens and bathrooms.

Homeowners are looking to make a style statement in their kitchens; moving from traditional (and outdated) ceramic tile – or worse, a blank wall behind the kitchen counter – and opting for any number of trendy and beautiful materials to bring backsplashes from the background to front-and-center. From wallpaper to wood, metal to chalkboard, colored or patterned glass, the aesthetic is changing and folks are adding surprising touches to make a splash.

At VISTAMATIC®, we began investing in this trend several years ago after our customers told us that they wanted something that provided both design and function to their home. As the world leading designer and manufacturer of privacy glass, renowned for style and refined aesthetics, we were perfectly positioned to expand our portfolio. In May 2015 we launched VISTAGLASS DIRECT, adding a touch of ‘glass’ to kitchens, bathrooms, living areas: basically anywhere in the home – or office – where consumers are looking to make a contemporary statement.

The technique we use is backpainting. We apply a specially formulated paint to the back of the glass delivering a modern and stylish look that is highly stain resistant, clean, hygienic and highly durable. Given that it comes in numerous colors, shapes and sizes, our glass is both classic and trendy. The reflective surface and sheer elegance makes any room look spacious and modern and it is customizable for a wide variety of personal style preferences. For a contemporary statement, consumers can opt for unexpected colors, such as turquoise or pink. Or they can go minimalist with a full slab of glass that’s been painted white.

Contact us today to find your style statement…

600450 The Beauty of Glass isn’t Always Clear
Date: 1 February 2016

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