Austrian Innovation-Award For Lisec

Date: 4 April 2007
Source: Lisec
On the 28th of February, 2007 the Seitenstetten based Lisec Maschinenbau GmbH received the much in demand nationwide innovation-award of the Republic of Austria for its revolutionary glass tempering technology.

The Lisec flat-bed glass tempering furnace indeed represents a pioneer development. It tempers even glass sheets up to only 2 mm thickness in perfect quality without optical distortions (rollerwaves) which may appear by horizontal tempering plants with roller transport. The Lisec machine achieves an even texture with a density and surface tension of the glass which was never reached before. I.e. this Lisec safety glass has an extremely high resistance momentum so that it bends without breaking when it is exposed to high pressure or impact. Extremely thin special glass, like for LCD-monitors or for the photovoltaic industry can be made of tempered glass regardless their shape and type of surface coating.

Engineers and designers now have a lot more possibilities to use this lightweight flat glass for automobile construction or in the architectural field because the material substance and the weight of safety glass can now be reduced essentially. Quite some demand for such flexible but highly resistant glass sheets exists for example in the USA to be used in the so called „hurricane“-glazing. An additional important cost- and resources saving effect of the Lisec tempering process is the highly reduced energy consumption of about 40% less than other systems.

So, this revolutionary tempering technique provides an enormous advantage for the Lisec customers all over the world in the field of „flexible safety-light-glass systems“.

600450 Austrian Innovation-Award For Lisec

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