AGC’s Laminated Glass Contributes to Safety of 300m-tall Skyscraper “Abeno Harukas” in Osaka

AGC (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.; Head Office: Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazuhiko Ishimura) announces that its architectural glass products have been used in Abeno Harukas, a 300m-tall Osaka landmark building located in Abeno, Osaka-city.

Celebrating its grand opening on March 7, 2014, the tallest skyscraper in Japan is fitted with AGC’s laminated glass used for the entire exterior and Low-E double glazing used inside on the office and hotel floors.AGC enhances the safety and comfort of the building from both inside and outside.

AGC’s glass products provides safety and comfort

Laminated glass fitted for the exterior of the building

Outstanding safety is ensured as a highly adhesive film inserted between two sheets of glass prevents glass fragments from scattering even if the glass is broken.

Low-E double glazing on the office and hotel floors

This eco-friendly glass has an air space between two sheets of glass, one of which has a special metal film placed at one side. It has outstanding heat insulating/shielding properties, providing comfortable indoor environment all year round.

(See the illustrations on the below)

These products were supplied jointly by AGC Glass Products in Japan and AGC Flat Glass Thailand in Thailand.

Through the group-wide “All AGC” initiative, AGC will continue to develop and offer high-value added products to ensure the safety and comfort in people’s lives around the world. *1 & 2 as of March 6, 2014

Media Contact

Junichi Kobayashi, General Manager, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

AGC Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.

(Contact: Tomoko Komazaki; Tel: +81-3-3218-5603; E-mail:

Product Inquiries: AGC Glass Company Customer Center

(Tel/Navi Dial: 0570-001-555)

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Abeno Harukas

Located in Abeno, Osaka-city, Abeno Harukas is a newly constructed commercial complex with a department store, a hotel, a museum, an observatory and office spaces. This skyscraper is 300 meter high, which is the tallest building in Japan*. The department store in the tower building opened last summer. The grand opening of the entire facility is scheduled on March 7, 2014. URL:

(* as of March 6, 2014)

Laminated glass and Low-E double glazing (illustrations)

Laminated glass                                            Low-E double glazing

600450 AGC’s Laminated Glass Contributes to Safety of 300m-tall Skyscraper “Abeno Harukas” in Osaka
Date: 7 March 2014

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