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Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
AB-AR is a post-breakage structural interlayer designed for applications calling for an extra degree of safety in public spaces or those meant to withstand high linear loading. Offers post-breakage passive safety in tempered glass.
Qingdao AEON Glass Co., Ltd. | China | Manufacturer
AEON Laminated Safety Glass is made by good quality adhesive interlayer and advanced bond technology.
Qingdao AEON Glass Co., Ltd. | China | Manufacturer
AEON Tempered Glass is made by heating flat glass to just below its softening temperature (650°C) and suddenly chilling it with jets of cold air.
Qingdao AEON Glass Co., Ltd. | China | Manufacturer
AEON Body Tinted Float Glass is produced by the float process with the addition of small quantities of metal oxides to color the normal clear glass mix.
R.C.N. Solutions Srl | Italy | Manufacturer
- CT320 - CT330/331 - CT900/950
Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
To be used in conjunction with the range of machines offered by Hornos Industriales Pujol, Evalam offers an extensive assortment of consumables to help you achieve the best results in laminated glass.
Guardian Europe | Luxembourg | Manufacturer
Guardian Dielectric Mirror (DM) is an advanced glass coating technology for dual-function mirror/TV applications (as well as hidden commercial displays, bathroom TVs, projection screens and electronics).
Tvitec | Spain | Manufacturer
Glass subjected to a heat process (Tempering, Tempering + HST or Heat Strengthened) which increases the thermal and mechanical resistance. The tempered panes get the products as safety glass. In case of rupture, its fragments will be harmless.
SATINAL SPA | Italy | Manufacturer
Oscillating tempering oven for small-sized glass.
SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS | France | Manufacturer
Revolutionary and unique temporary surface protection developed and offered exclusively by Saint-Gobain to get the best out of to-be-tempered coated glass.
Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
The Evalam 80/120 range has been developed for laminations requiring working temperatures not exceeding 100ºC, such as decorative elements which use organic products.
Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
Evalam Color is an EVA product developed for temperatures in the 120ºC range without causing changes in colour near the edges, ensuring greater durability of the colour over time.
Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
Evalam Visual is an EVA film developed for lamination experts looking for a product with high added value. Its excellent and incomparable transparency, high adhesive strength, superb acoustic insulation performance, and a crosslinking index like no other on the market make it the perfect product.
Glaston Corporation | Finland | Manufacturer
Looking for a versatile tempering machine? Need to produce high volumes of premium quality flat tempered glass? Need to produce larger-than-ever sizes of premium quality tempered glass? Need to produce high quality flat tempered glass with serial production and high capacity? Looking to explore new opportunities in the flat glass tempering business?
Rider Glass Company Limited | China | Manufacturer
Green Houses Specialty Glass 3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm etc. Any specifications and sizes can be customized according to customers' requirements.
Guardian Europe | Luxembourg | Manufacturer
Suitable for any application in which excessive reflection creates an obstruction, Guardian Clarity™ glass has the ability to combine function, strength and beauty by maximising visibility and minimising light reflection.
Guardian Europe | Luxembourg | Manufacturer
Guardian UltraClear® is a low iron base glass that delivers an incredible viewing experience. Thanks to its great stability and its incomparable aesthetics, it can be used for any application.
Adelio Lattuada S.r.l. | Italy | Manufacturer
Complete line of horizontal automatic, semiautomatic and manual drilling machines with one head or two opposing heads (automatic lower head and manual upper head).
Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
The wide assortment of Evalam insertions ranges from fabric finishes to metallic mesh. There is an extensive range of encapsulation options allowing infinite possibilities for architects, designers, and decorators; a powerful tool to give free rein to one’s imagination and creativity.
Beijing GreatDia Superhard Tools Co.,Ltd | China | Manufacturer
Drills for automotive
Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
Ensuring the quality of the products is important, so we recommend the use of good laboratory equipment and tools.
Evalam | Spain | Manufacturer
Evalam offers a PET film for use with high resolution digital printing subsequently laminated in combination with a wide range of bases: transparent, white, translucent. PET is available in different sizes to meet a wide variety of customer needs.
Luoyang North Glass Technology Co., Ltd., | China | Manufacturer
Processed Glass Products; Laminated Glass, Coated Glass, Curved Glass, Insulating glass, Printed Glass, Toughened Glass.
Viprotron GmbH | Germany | Manufacturer
The Quality Checker takes over the final inspection within your glass production and verifies optical glass quality and glass dimensions.
ACM Mirror Inc. | China | Manufacturer
We produce 2-25mm tempered glass.
sedak GmbH & Co. KG | Germany | Manufacturer
sedak safety glass by sedak is produced exclusively under clean-room conditions using the vacuum bagging method. The result is 100% lamination quality without bubbles or contamination.
SATINAL SPA | Italy | Manufacturer
Oscillating tempering oven for small and medium production.
Rider Glass Company Limited | China | Manufacturer
HOT THICKNESS 3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm etc. MAX SIZE 3600*18000mm,other specifications and sizes can be customized according to customers' requirements.
Thompson I.G. | United States | Manufacturer
There are two main types of heat treated glass: fully tempered (which is the typical tempered or toughened glass) and heat strengthened.