World’s first and only non-destructive argon analyzers for triple glazed, coated and laminated IGU’s

World’s first and only non-destructive argon analyzers for triple glazed, coated and laminated IGU’s
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Followed by the success of Sparklike Handheld™ device, Sparklike is happy to introduce their new Sparklike Laser™ product line.

These innovative devices offer never-before-seen technology by allowing non-destructive measurement of gas concentration of triple and double glazed units, through coated and laminated glasses, something that insulating glass manufacturers, testing laboratories and window manufacturers have been waiting to see.

Sparklike Laser™ product line is based on Sparklike’s patented and proprietary technology. This laser based technology (TDLAS) means that the devices measure oxygen, and the results are converted to argon, krypton and other insulating gases. Sparklike Laser™ product line includes:

Miikkael Niemi

“Several studies show how a significant energy consumption relates to heat passing through windows and doors. Therefore, energy efficiency can be better attained by using high quality triple glazed insulating glass windows and doors than with standard double glazed units”, says Sparklike’s CEO Miikkael Niemi.

“At the same time, different regulations and standards related to insulating glass manufacturing are getting tighter. Therefore, it has become imperative to produce verified and controlled high quality insulating glass units to avoid unnecessary supply chain quality costs. Our innovative devices have the potential to answer these challenges and allow our customers to conduct also automated quality control analyzes, at any point of the production line. The measurement can be done as many times as needed. In other words, our device enable our customers to produce verified high quality insulting glass units and fulfil the prevailing norms and regulations”, Mr. Niemi continues.

600450 World’s first and only non-destructive argon analyzers for triple glazed, coated and laminated IGU’s

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