TUROMAS 4.0 in the GPAD

TUROMAS 4.0 in the GPAD
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Date: 1 April 2019

On Thursday March 28 was the turn of intervention for Manuel Borda and Martin Bracamonte, both are part of the team of IGE – Glass Technologies, Inc., distributors of Turomas in North America.

Glass Processing Automization Days, GPAD, is a two-day educational experience that gives leading glass manufacturers the opportunity to learn about the latest technological developments in equipment and software solutions.

The location for this year’s event was San Antonio, Texas, on March 27 and 28.

On Thursday March 28 was the turn of intervention for Manuel Borda and Martin Bracamonte, both are part of the team of IGE – Glass Technologies, Inc., distributors of Turomas in North America. They talked about Industry 4.0 in the glass sector and the intelligent technology that the Teruel company uses today.


Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 proposes to automate the productive and logistic activities of the factories of any sector to optimize the work.

In the glass industry, the networking of equipment, machines and storage systems of a glass processing plant can be perfected thanks to the incorporation of robotic technology. This integration translates into exponential productivity growth, lower energy and human costs and improved cycle times in the medium term.

Machinery manufacturers who join the intelligent trend sign collaboration agreements with brands specializing in robotization, expert companies in software and make large investments in R & D to customize and implement their own measures.


Turomas 4.0

Industry 4.0 makes it possible to share in a more or less standardised way the data provided by the machines, either internally with the machine control software, externally with the manufacturer’s analysis software or with equipment or software from third companies.

Aware that the capture, interpretation and exploitation of these data opens an almost infinite range of possibilities at all levels, Turomas has designed a software compatible with any optimizer in the market.


TUROMAS Software

Through the development of three programs, Linkglass, Stockglass and Storeglass, Turomas offers the client an integral solution to interpret and manage the production data of their company.

LkIt is an application that manages production from a single control interface. The operators do not intervene in the selection of the work order nor in the programming of the load sequences, eliminating insecurities and making possible a better forecast of the productive chain.


SkIt is an application that supervises and controls the stock of glass in real time, something very useful for the realization of inventories and the consultation on availability and location of material to plan production cycles.


SeIt is an in-plant application to manage non-automated glass warehouses, favouring the control of material inputs and outputs and the data associated with the product.

All the information can be added to the Stockglass system to complete the reports on stocks and production.


External Analysis

In addition, the analysis of data from the machines by external platforms has made it possible to create applications for remote management of damage or breakage, predictive maintenance of different parts of the machine depending on the work it has done or the prevention of bottlenecks.

Predictive maintenance of different parts of the machine depending on the job.

Turomas’ R&D professionals establish which devices and parts of the machines can wear out and affect their correct functioning.

Defining when a mechanism approaches its recommended replacement or adjustment levels allows customers to plan predictive maintenance actions well in advance.


Prevención de cuellos de botella

The Turomas machines report data through which the processing times of each one can be classified, being able to foresee the temporary cost of production of a lot according to its complexity and size before passing it to production.

With this information, it is possible to simulate the evolution of a workload to know when and where problems or delays may arise in the machine. Thus, the technical team of Turomas advises the customer on changes in the production cycle to increase the performance of the machines.


Remote management of breakdowns

Turomas After Sales Service technicians can remotely access the control components of the machines to prevent breakdowns or failures that slow down the productivity of the customer.


More highlights 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has led to other significant developments for Turomas, advances that have transformed production systems and increased their efficiency, quality and safety.


Smart storage

A storage system that automatically regulates the production speed/cadence in real time, making it possible to work under the strictest safety levels, optimise cycle times and take care of the components avoiding over-exertion.

The Turomas SR warehouse, for example, moves glass racks with up to 16,000 kilos automatically to place them in front of the loading area. Through the information obtained from various sensors in various components of the machine, the controller interprets and verifies which glass load the rack carries at all times to dynamically adjust its travel speed by controlling its inertia.


4 Tool

An exclusive patented cutting system. Detects glass thickness and adjusts pressure parameters, cutting roller and lubrication at all times to ensure the highest quality in glass cutting from 0.55 mm. to 25 mm. In order to do this, the continuous feedback of the data generated by the different sensors is used in real time.


Automatic glass rotation

A patented method that allows the glass to rotate in the safest way, avoiding contact at all times with the low emissivity layer to preserve all its properties.

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