Tianjin NorthGlass won the title of "National Green Factory"

Date: 12 December 2023
Source: NorthGlass
Tianjin NorthGlass won the title of "National Green Factory"
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Date: 12 December 2023

NorthGlass moved towards a sustainable future

On November 22, “2023 Green Manufacturing List publicity” results were released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Tianjin NorthGlass won the title of “National Green Factory”.

The establishment of national green factories is an important part of the whole green manufacturing system. Cultivated and recommended by the local industry and information authorities, national enterprises submitted step by step, and finally judged by domestic experts and scholars and relevant scientific research institutions organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Through fierce competition with more than 140 municipal units, Tianjin NorthGlass was successfully selected as the “Municipal Green Factory” in June 2023, and was then pushed by Tianjin Municipal Government to participate in the national green factory competition, and won the title of “National Green Factory” in November 2023.

The approval of the national green factory is the result of the concept of green development. It is also another vivid practice of NorthGlass to accelerate the implementation of green transformation and upgrading, promotes the industrial structure to “excellent”, development model to “green” and economic quality to “high”.

Passed the EPD environment report

Tianjin NorthGlass won the title of "National Green Factory"

In addition to this encouraging good news, there was also good news from aboard. Tianjin NorthGlass was issued the Environmental Product Statement-EPD Report. The report is used to help businesses and consumers to choose more environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

EPD reports are based on international standards such as ISO 14025 and EN 15804, which contain environmental data related to products, such as energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water utilization and other resource consumption. The report also provides the results of the product life cycle evaluation, which is the environmental impact analysis of the whole process from raw material acquisition, manufacturing, transportation, use stage and waste disposal.

Yang Yuanxi, deputy general manager of the Glass Deep Processing Division of NorthGlass, said, “As a leader in the glass deep processing and manufacturing industry, NorthGlass adheres to the sustainable development strategy, actively responds to the two-carbon policy, and constantly puts it into practice in products and management to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. The EPD report not only effectively verified the relevant data of the environmental information of our products, but also confirmed that our technology research and development and investment in environmental protection products have achieved results. The EPD report helps us to integrate with the international standards, explore the international market, remove green trade barriers, and meet higher requirements of global natural environmental protection.”

Dr. Zhu Jun, chief technology officer of the report, said: “NorthGlass has made remarkable achievements in the industry, and its forward-looking vision in sustainable development strategy is admirable. This EPD report will provide green identity support for Tianjin NorthGlass series products, effectively deal with the EU Carbon Border Regulation Mechanism (CBAM) and grasp the new opportunities of the new international trade situation.”

Hong Kong CIC Green Product Certification

Hong Kong CIC green Product certification

In October this year, Tianjin NorthGlass also obtained the Hong Kong CIC Green Product Certification, CIC (Construction Industry Council) is a Hong Kong agency dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of the construction and construction industries. CIC Green Product Certification is a certification program which has been launched to encourage and recognize building and building materials products that meet specific environmental standards. The CIC green product certification represents Tianjin NorthGlass’s commitment and responsibility to environmental protection.

NorthGlass has been closely following the national development strategy and actively promoting the green and low-carbon transformation and upgrading of its enterprises. Based on its own strong scientific research ability, NorthGlass vigorously has developed green low carbon technology, and adhered to the “green manufacturing” mode, NorthGlass products have won green building product certificate, business standard certificate of green building product, Tianjin key new products, at the same time, NorthGlass has been awarded the honor title of national specialized refined characteristic novel little giant enterprises, Tianjin manufacturing individual champion, Tianjin leading enterprise, national intellectual property advantage enterprise.

NorthGlass will continue to give full play to its advantages, firmly uphold the development belief of green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, carry out in-depth research on glass deep processing technology, provide customers with more efficient and energy-saving glass products, and make new contributions to the national energy saving goal. 

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