Smart Glass being Invented by Corning could Analyze DNA

Recently, Corning Incorporated, together with Polytechnique Montreal, is developing a type of smart glass mainly used as the touchscreen of the smartphone, which can detect people's physical condition and can even analyze the user's DNA through reading the spit on the surface of the smart glass.

Besides, this smart glass can also detect the composition of the atmosphere.To make this possible, the researchers shot lasers in the shorter wavelengths to create pathways that transmit data in the form of small beams of light. And the waveguides embedded into the glass act as tunnels that channel light, similar to how electronic wires convey electrical signals. At present, the researchers have invented two sensors with the application of waveguides. One is used to take the temperature in real time and the other is used for authentication purposes. The temperature sensor embedded within the smartphone's display allows the users to take their temperature by touch. And the authentication system can recognize the user's identity, which is achieved by adding a readable code intelligible to the infrared camera and the application o f the technology of Facial Recognition. Even more amazing, the user's DNA can be analyzed with the help of the waveguides. It was said that the reason why Corning released this technology at this moment was that Apple was working on the R&D of Crystal Sapphire glass screen, which threatened Corning's position as the world's leading company in touchscreen industry. Corning may hope to win Apple's support with this new technology. Unfortunately, for now, both the temperature sensor and authentication system are patent pending.

Luoyang LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd., a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the developing, manufacturing and marketing of glass tempering furnaces, has always been keeping an eye on the latest dynamics in glass industry. LandGlass is very glad to see the amazing achievements in glass industry.

600450 Smart Glass being Invented by Corning could Analyze DNA
Date: 5 August 2014

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