Saving Energy and Fuel

Date: 19 January 2015
Source: Lubisol Engineering
Lubisol Engineering is offering significant savings of energy and fuel by efficient thermal insulation of glass furnace crowns.

The Lubisol crown insulation design is based on the principle that the usual light silica bricks insulation is partly replaced by the Lubisol insulation, applied over the light silica bricks.It is followed by a layer of Lubisol Cover Coat on the top. The thickness and the total cost of the insulation remain almost the same, but the heat losses from the crown are reduced by about 800-1000 W/m². The amount of the saved fuel is around 1300-1500 m³/m²/year natural gas or 1200-1400 kg/m²/year heavy oil. The cost of the saved fuel is significant.

The insulating material Lubisol 2-SL has a very low specific density of 0.3 kg/dm³, a high working temperature of 1600 °C and a very low thermal conductivity of 0.11 W/m.K at 500 °C. The cost for one cubic meter of this insulating material is lower in comparison with the cost of the light silica bricks, and in the same time it is about 3 times more efficient. 

The Lubisol crown insulation package is suitable for application on all types of glass furnaces producing any type of glasses, including float glass, container glass, tableware or technical glass. It is very suitable for insulation of silica crowns as well for AZS and alumina fused cast crowns. It has been applied recently on 80 glass furnaces all over the world.

The efficient Lubisol insulation package brings significant energy and fuel savings without any additional material and labor costs. It is just a very good technical solution and a better option for the glass industry.

600450 Saving Energy and Fuel
Date: 19 January 2015
Source: Lubisol Engineering

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