Prodim Shows Digital Measuring Solutions at Vitrum 2005

Date: 20 September 2005
Source: Prodim
Hall 15/II, Stand E40Every glass or glazing company faces the difficulties of measuring irregular, or even 3D shaped objects.

A lot of time and money is wasted before the shape is digitized without errors. Whether it is a 3D curved window, glass door, complex shaped window, glass-in-lead, Prodim International has the solution that fits everyone’s need.

Proliner® 3D Measuring Device

The Proliner® 3D Measuring Device has been available on the Glass market for some time now. More and more companies realize how this device can help them to improve the productivity and efficiency while measuring glass applications.

The ultramodern Proliner® takes a most of the work out of difficult measurements. This mobile measuring device records the measuring points very precisely and then saves the collected information digitally. Since the Proliner® can be easily connected to the common CAD-systems, it is possible to get accurate drawings in just a couple of minutes. The Proliner® is capable of making precise measurements of straight, curved, or very complex shapes. It doesn’t matter whether the object is in a horizontal, vertical or slanting position. It is also possible to measure a combination of these positions at once. In just a couple of seconds, the special pointer marks the relevant points in order to register the outlines of the object.

In short, the Proliner® offers the following advantages for natural stone companies:

• The Proliner® is very practical to use: it’s compact, only 10 Kg, and therefore easy to take. The device works with a rechargeable battery, so you can measure about 3 hours continuously. The Proliner® is solidly constructed to withstand actual “in the field” working conditions. To use the Proliner® is a piece of cake: only a short training is needed for competent usage.

• With the Proliner® it is possible to measure two- or three dimensional. Positioning or calibration is not needed, so you can immediately start measuring. When used properly, it is possible to measure with an accuracy of 0.3%

• Measurements can be seen in a digital drawing immediately. The results are translated in a digital CAD file in DXF format. This means that you can prepare the final drawings on site, and send the results to the factory for immediate production. Delivery times can be shortened because of faster measuring, and it is no longer needed to make traditional templates. You can imagine what a competitive advantage you will get!

• Measurements up to 10 meters can be made at one time and larger measurements can be made by combining drawings in a simple “leap frog” process.

ProCutter Plotter

During Vitrum 2005, Prodim International will show the new ProCutter Plotter. The ProCutter can be easily connected to the Proliner® through the Proliner® Host Software. This way it is possible to directly make a plot of your measurements, and to start producing immediately. The width of the media is 122 cm, and Prodim can deliver special media for the Proliner®.

The ProCutter plotter offers tracking accuracy and it combines a durable drag-knife cutting head with advanced internal programming to deliver quality and versatility. The unique drag-knife cutting technology eliminates flaws due to blade-wear.

Adjustable media support rollers and roll-end flanges make it easy to load your vinyl straight every time. The ProCutter is so accurate that we guarantee repeatable plots up to 8 meters (26 ft.) in length.

The ProCutter plotter features a large, easy-to-use control panel that allows you to quickly and easily change setting such as speed, pressure and plot mode. You can save settings in 4 user-defined configurations for even faster switching between your favorite cutter settings. With the exclusive control software, you can adjust settings, and defined your saved setting right from your Windows PC.

The ProCutter is extremely useful for companies who don’t have a CNC machine, or think it takes too much time to adjust it. The ProCutter is also a good control check after measurement or production.

About Prodim International

In 1995 two Dutch entrepreneurs developed a digital measuring device to measure 2-dimensionally. Later on this product was developed to a 3-dimensional measuring device. The company was primarily active in the Dutch market. After a period of time the company elected to become truly international and in 2001 a new life was breathed into the equipment under the name of Prodim International BV. Great attention was paid to developing the product, and perfecting the three dimensional concept. Today we are at the peak of technology in this field. The market has developed further and Prodim International is known the world over. The company is active in all European countries, the USA, Australia and Asia. The main office is located in the Netherlands, and a Sales and Service office has been opened in the USA. The company has focused on the natural stone industry, glass, woodworking and ship building. The company is continuously in search for new sales areas, as well as new uses for this amazing digitizer.

600450 Prodim Shows Digital Measuring Solutions at Vitrum 2005
Date: 20 September 2005
Source: Prodim

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