Press Glass Expands Acoustic Glazed Units

New acoustic glass units in Press Glass offer
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Seven types of acoustic units have been added to Press Glass’ acoustic glazed product line, bringing their total offering to 110 different acoustic glazed units.

PRESS GLASS has informed about extending its offer with 7 new acoustic glass units with the Rw index of 40, 41, 43, 45, 46 and 47 decibels (dB).

The manufacturer specialising in making glass for construction industry highlights that the quality and parameters for new acoustic glass units are confirmed by certificates required and recognised on the European and American market.

The following glass units have been added to the PRESS GLASS acoustic glass units offer:

Item Structure Rw    C      Ctr
1 12,8 (VSG 66.2)/12Ar/6T 40 -1 -5
2 6T/12Ar/4/12Ar/8,8T (VSG 44.2T) 41 -3 -8
3 8,8 (VSG 44.2) Acoustic/12Ar/8,8T (VSG 44.2T) 43 -2 -6
4 12,8T (VSG 66.2T)/12Ar/6/12Ar/6T 43 -1 -6
5 8T/16Ar/6/16Ar/12,8T (VSG 66.2T) 45 -1 -5
6 8T/16Ar/6/16Ar/12,8T (VSG 66.2T) Acoustic 46 -2 -6
7 12,8 (VSG 66.2) Acoustic/16Ar/8,8T (VSG 44.2T) Acoustic   47 -2 -7


T – Thermofloat
Ar – Argon (noble gas)
VSG – laminated safety glass

As the manufacturer explains, its offer of acoustic glass units is a dynamically developing segment, owing to which the range of products offered by PRESS GLASS is extending gradually.

"We understand and support individual needs of our customers and the wide range of acoustic glass units is our response to individual arrangements made with our Partners. We are now able to offer as many as 110 acoustic glass units within the range of 31-52 dB. Comparison of parameters and selection of the preferred glass unit is made easy owing to our proprietary acoustic configurator, which contains a full list of acoustic glass units from our offer", says Tomasz Ślusarek, senior quality specialist in PRESS GLASS.

New acoustic glass units in Press Glass offer

The PRESS GLASS acoustic configurator is available at the manufacturer's website (, and in the free PRESS GLASS MOBILE application.

Acoustic glazed units – more

600450 Press Glass Expands Acoustic Glazed Units

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