NorthGlass struggle from a good start in 2019!

Luoyang North Glass Technology Co.,
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Luoyang North Glass Technology Co.,
At the beginning of the new year, NorthGlass have quickly entered a busy state and started to take orders.

At the same time, as a well-known brand at home and abroad, the headquarters of NorthGlass ushered in a group of special guests - Henan TV news channel film, their purpose is to shoot excellent enterprises for Henan TV “News Broadcast” program “Open up the market actively and strive to achieve the goal of opening a door.”

Narrator: In the past two days, British technical experts Neil and his team are testing on the super-large glass tempering furnace that has just been installed in the Luoyang NorthGlass factory.

After our actual acceptance test, this equipment has reached a very high level of quality and technical indicators. I believe that Luoyang NorthGlass's products will definitely have a profound impact on the UK glass market. (British customer technical expert Neil)

The equipment produced by the company can be favored by foreign customers, thanks to the continuous technological innovation and technological breakthroughs of Luoyang North Glass Company. In recent years, the company has invested more than 70 million RMB each year in research and development and innovation, and has set up R&D centers in Tianjin and Shanghai. Currently, the company has 300 patents with an annual output value of 950 million yuan. The products have been exported to more than 100 countries and area.

If a company wants to develop, we must have a say in this industry and try our best to strengthen our technology, and constantly open up new technology projects to make more Chinese creations go global. (Ltd.  Han Junfeng,  vice general manager of tempering furnace BU, Luoyang North Glass Technology Co., )

The development of Luoyang NorthGlass is a microcosm of Henan enterprises actively expanding their markets through innovation. In order to promote stable and healthy economic development this year, the provincial government has issued 28 measures to stabilize employment, finance, foreign trade, internal and foreign investment, expectations, and focus on solving outstanding problems in the process of economic operation. In particular, preferential policies introduced in the areas of financial services, corporate insurance, and export trade have added confidence to the development of domestic and foreign markets through measures such as optimizing product mix.

In the 4 minutes report of the whole news, as the first company to be interviewed, the appearance of the company was as long as 1 minute and 30 seconds. This year, NorthGlass will continue to expand its brand advantages, carry out technological innovations, and strengthen human resources construction initiatives. At the same time, comprehensively implement the “going out” strategy, expand new space in the market at home and abroad, and lay a good foundation for achieving the full-year goal.

Watch the video here.

600450 NorthGlass struggle from a good start in 2019!

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