New HORN® combustion equipment for Pochet du Courval

New HORN® combustion equipment for Pochet du Courval
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Date: 11 December 2020

Pochet du Courval commissions melting furnace with HORN® combustion and functional safety system

After a revision and complete rebuild, Pochet du Courval put its brand new furnace 5 into operation in October. Ultra-modern techniques have been used to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions have been reduced by 20%. The new HORN® design and the corresponding combustion equipment made it possible to achieve these excellent results. During the cold repair, the control lines were modernised in order to optimise the product quality.

Pochet du Courval continued to rebuild this furnace despite the difficulties associated with COVID-19, in particular thanks to the exceptional mobilisation of internal teams. With this brand new, optimised furnace, Pochet du Courval can supply its customers with the best possible quality to help them resume production.

During the cold repair of furnace 5, Pochet du Courval installed new HORN® combustion equipment which includes new HORN® Dualflame AC burners, gas reversing, measuring and control skid as well as gas measuring and safety skid. This modernisation, combined with the complete furnace technology, enabled Pochet du Courval to reduce its nitrogen oxide emissions by 25%, thus continuing its plan to reduce its environmental impact.

New HORN® combustion equipment for Pochet du Courval

600450 New HORN® combustion equipment for Pochet du Courval

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