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Date: 3 July 2015
Source: www.flachglas.de
The location of the new Styrian national centre of the Austrian automobile club (ÖAMTC) has for many years been at the heart of important North-South route.

How would the examiners of the ÖAMTC react to a horse-drawn war chariot? Thanks to glass panels from Wernberg, they would be able to examine it from the safety of their new headquarters in Graz.Graz is the second largest city in the alpine republic and the region surrounding it has been booming for years.This is why it makes an ideal location for the national ÖAMTC association's new mobility centre. Thus, "traffic" in the most modern sense is a given and the new national centre is prepared for it.

Here are a few statistics: 150 employees will process around 40,000 inspections, support ca 100,000 members in the region and handle around 600,000 calls, not to mention emails. The building has around 30,000 sqm of usable space spinning 3 floors and 25 inspection areas. There's a traffic training area which is always open and available to everybody. Then there's the number 1,800 - it's bright and airy and speaks for itself.

We're, of course, referring to the ambitious glass facade of the main building featuring 1,800 sqm of glass. The challenge was not the quantity, nor the short production 'window' of eight weeks, but the imprinting.

A large proportion of the glass panels has been imprinted with a repeated pattern made up of the ÖAMTC logo. When seen together across the whole facade, these imprints form a gigantic version of the ÖAMTC lettering.

The individual panes are of such a size that our GlassJet printer was pushed to its limits. What's more, each part, printed with ceramic inks, is unique. This is why we decided to manufacture them in the same order as the subsequent assembly sequence, allowing us to rule out any mix-ups from the outset. We also delivered the panes of glass in such a way that they didn't need to be turned once on site. There's lots that can be done to speed up operations and avoid hold-ups.

Our wealth of experience in high-quality glass printing and our proven skills in logistics were decisive in being commissioned. Our collaboration with BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG in Bretten, who made insulation glass partly using our glass, also helped secure our success. The highly demanding yet successful Graz national centre of the ÖAMTC will naturally take place of honour in our list of projects.

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Date: 3 July 2015
Source: www.flachglas.de

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