KRISPOL: On the road to success with A+W CANTOR

Over many years, the KRISPOL Company has built up an outstanding reputation with professional garage and industrial doors across Poland and beyond.  KRISPOL also offers a range of first-class products in the area of windows, doors and shutters.

For some months now, KRISPOL has been using A+W CANTOR software at its facilities and also making it available as the Multitrade version to its trade and installation partners.

KRISPOL offers the 'HOME’ product lines for the private customers and 'FIRM’ for commercial customers. A well-established international sales network ensures professional consultancy and installation.

KRISPOL has built a new plant with the latest in CNC-controlled manufacturing technology for the production of demanding industrial doors. As Executive Director Grzegorz Ratajczak explains, this was the only way that KRISPOL could meet its own demands in terms of end-to-end quality and design perfection.

A+W CANTOR Project: End-to-end corporate management

Window production, supported by A+W CANTOR CIM. The system shows each individual part clearly to the workers and in this way also helps to avoid errors.

The demanding manufacturing diversity calls for software that can handle the complete product spectrum from high-quality window construction to individually designed industrial doors. After having evaluated several alternatives, KRISPOL made the decision to go with A+W CANTOR.

Today, with just a few mouse-clicks, KRISPOL partners design not only every variety of window and door but also sectional and shutter doors with scaled drawings and correctly produced offers, orders, delivery documentation and invoices. "The option of being able to create technically correct drawings is one of the most important benefits of A+W CANTOR, in comparison to the software system we used previously." explains R+D Manager Marcin Kolinski.

Through the direct connection to KRISPOL's central data server, data records and conditions are always up-to-date and changes can be applied in realtime. Grzegorz Ratajczak says, "This high level of automation of the ERP system saves us a lot of work and ensures that our processes are error-free. The management of highly complex orders has been made easier, faster and more reliable."

600450 KRISPOL: On the road to success with A+W CANTOR
Date: 20 August 2015

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