GIMAV's stance on the 2021 trade fair calendar: Gimav president Gusti and Vitrum president Zandonella Necca speeches

GIMAV's stance on the 2021 trade fair calendar: Gimav president Gusti and Vitrum president Zandonella Necca speeches
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Date: 10 June 2020

We reported the companies' opinions. Vitrum is essential to upholding the leadership of Italian technologies.

After the turmoil raised by the official position published on May 26th, to avoid any misunderstandings, Gimav president Michele Gusti clarifies: “there was nothing against anyone; on the contrary…” he then reiterates the key role the show hosted by Fiera Milano plays and the importance of respecting the international trade show calendar. Echoing his words is Vitrum president Dino Zandonella Necca: “A great edition in 2021!” 
The position announced by GIMAV in the May 26 press release caused quite an uproar in the international press and there was no lack of interpretations that, albeit in good faith, grossly distorted its meaning.

GIMAV felt it was appropriate to clarify the origins and intentions of the position made public and to respond to the many questions received with the following remarks by President Michele Gusti, to the benefit of all interested parties. 
“GIMAV represents its members, who put pressure on the association to make their position public and, in some manner, official. Some then interpreted the invitation to respect the international calendar as an attack on this or that event… nothing could be further from the truth.

On the contrary; by asking that the international calendar be respected, we meant to openly and forcefully confirm the importance of the events we believe play a key role in lending prestige to the glass industry. To avoid harming anyone, I am not going to name names but, all you need to do is look at the calendar of international events in which GIMAV has participated in recent years to understand which events we are talking about.

Of course, as a businessman, I must take budgets into account, especially during a global crisis like the one we are still experiencing. This explains the reference to the international calendar: to safeguard the exhibitors’ interests and investments. On the other hand, we also understand those who organize fairs for a living, but then we must ask ourselves: is there a reason why most of the international events are held biennially?

Where do the “good reasons” go that, under normal circumstances, recommend certain timelines? Do they no longer apply in today’s world; or, given the budget considerations cited above, do they make even more sense? In other words, how much will their investments yield for those exhibitors who decide to participate in shows timed so close together and, most likely, already /compromised due to the precautions that must be taken to ensure social distancing? These are the reasons behind our request, period.

One topic still needs clarification, one upon which the more malicious, felt the need to focus excessively.  Someone, in fact, wanted to interpret our request as a mere defense of VITRUM, the international trade show specialized in glass machinery, equipment and systems. VITRUM has no need to be defended. Italian companies know very well how essential "our" event is in promoting the international leadership position and distinctive features of the domestic glass industry.

For Italian companies, not participating in VITRUM would be like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati not participating in the Bologna Motor Show or Mercedes in the Frankfurt Show. VITRUM has the same role to promote Italian glass industry excellence internationally; to not participate at the highest level of its possibilities, would mean to miss the biggest opportunity to confirm our technological leadership.

Italian businesses know this and will not fail to be present at VITRUM in 2021 when, as in all the odd-numbered years, the finest glass processing technologies will take the stage in Milan from October 5th to 8th, irrespectively of all the other appointments already slated or that might be added in the future.” 
The words of VITRUM President Zandonella Necca echoed those of President Gusti:

“I totally agree with my friend Michele: VITRUM is a must for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the developments in glass processing technologies and is rightly hosted in Milan, a key hub for most industry businesses. We Italians are the indisputable leaders and in 2021 we will have an outstanding VITRUM to showcase our worth. We will also have the opportunity to partner with EMO, the global machine tool expo that will take place concurrent with our event, attracting visitors from around the world.

Glass and steel often go “arm-inarm” in countless industrial applications, even more-so in recent times, as demonstrated by the renovated skyline of Milan, the city that, not by chance, hosts both events. We will not let this opportunity slip through our hands. It, along with the other ideas we are developing, will allow us to make our event even more interesting and appealing. Stay tuned for the latest news.” 

600450 GIMAV's stance on the 2021 trade fair calendar: Gimav president Gusti and Vitrum president Zandonella Necca speeches

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