Brand new at Glas Trösch Group: FIRESWISS FOAM as a P6B version

Brand new at Glas Trösch Group: FIRESWISS FOAM as a P6B version
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Date: 18 August 2020

Building with glass requires a few safety considerations.

After all, the subject of safety is becoming increasingly important in modern architecture.

In the past high safety standards were predominantly required for windows and doors whereas today, this feature is sought for even in fire-resistant applications. In previous constructions which mainly protected escape corridors the safety aspect had to be provided by one of the panes in a double glazed unit while the other fulfilled the fire rating. Now, the combination of both anti-bandit and fire-resistance can be achieved by our slim, monolithic and highly protective glass, which has been tested by ift Rosenheim according to EN 356.

Fire protection EI 30
Glass thickness: 25 mm, previously as IGU min. 38 mm
Resistance class: P6B according to EN 356

Fire protection EI 60
Glass thickness: 33 mm, previously as IGU min. 46 mm
Resistance class: P6B according to EN 356




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600450 Brand new at Glas Trösch Group: FIRESWISS FOAM as a P6B version

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