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Date: 10 October 2023
Source: A+W Software
Many years of cooperation connect Peter Kénesy (L, A+W Software) and Svatopluk Svoboda (R, owner of SVOBODA sklenářství).
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Many years of cooperation connect Peter Kénesy (L, A+W Software) and Svatopluk Svoboda (R, owner of SVOBODA sklenářství) | Photo: A+W Software

Date: 10 October 2023

SVOBODA sklenářství increases efficiency with A+Ws Business Pro. After a smooth changeover, the company increased its effectiveness by around 20%.

"Satisfied customers will come back again" – that's the motto of Svatopluk Svoboda, Managing Director of SVOBODA sklenářství. He manufactures high-quality glass in the Czech Republic for companies and private customers in the area.

A young entrepreneur began a remarkable journey in 1992. At the age of 17, Svatopluk Svoboda established his glass operation in the small Czech city of Pohořelice. Near the Austrian border, he worked with great persistence over the years to make a small workshop into a blossoming company with 25 employees that specializes in a broad spectrum of glass processings. From glass cutting to processings to the production of insulated glass; the company offers many and varied services. What makes Svoboda special is his commitment to serving both private and corporate customers and to ensuring that every customer is satisfied with his work.

Where everything began - Svoboda's first workshop and his first own vehicle at the beginning of the 1990s.
Where everything began - Svoboda's first workshop and his first own vehicle at the beginning of the 1990s.
Meanwhile, the company's production facility is about 600 square meters.
Meanwhile, the company's production facility is about 600 square meters. 

"Even if the product is just small panes for a lantern, we serve everyone," says Managing Director Svoboda. For he has recognized that satisfied customers come back.

With the company's growth, its software requirements also grew. The relationship between SVOBODA sklenářství and A+W Software began in 2004, when the company implemented ALFAK-XOPT2000, a lean software solution that recorded data and optimized glass. This marked the beginning of a partnership that persists today and is characterized not just by optimization efforts, but also by a great trust.

Over the years, SVOBODA sklenářství has faithfully integrated solutions from A+W Software. But in 2022, there was a decisive change. Svoboda bid goodbye to ALFAK-XOPT2000 and welcomed the state-of-the-art A+W Business Pro ERP system to its operation. With this conversion, the point was not just to update the software, but rather to make available functions that matched Svoboda's vision and would make it fit for the future.

This way, A+W Business Pro enables production control from the office and offers an ideal overview of all production processes. For example, employees and customers can obtain precise information about where their lites are. And some automated stock management is also possible. Furthermore, the conversion was handled remotely, more proof of the perfect coordination between Svoboda and A+W.

By taking advantage of EU subsidies, Svoboda was able to expand production to include a state-of-the-art Bottero cutting table. The automatic labeling of the lites is controlled by A+W software here. The incorporation of the new table was quite easy since A+W offers excellent connection possibilities and has been working closely with machine partners for many years.

Svoboda received outstanding assistance from Peter Kénesy, who has been supporting the company for years. His commitment and problem-solving abilities ensured that the implementation process went smoothly. The Managing Director praises the exceptional customer support that accompanied the transition to the new software.

The results were nothing less than remarkable. A+W Business Pro increased processing efficiency by 20%, optimized preparation time, and improved workflows in the office. The intuitive nature of the software helped the Svoboda employees and enabled them to concentrate on quality and on-time delivery.

Svatopluk Svoboda sees a promising future that will be driven by the potential of A+W Business Pro. Thus, there are already plans to acquire a new Schraml processing line, and Svoboda is planning the next steps to optimize his production. In the future, he would like to rely on automation in the form of machine control.

In mere seconds, employees can log into the system with a scan.
In mere seconds, employees can log into the system with a scan.

"Next, we will implement an A+W Production Terminal and A+W CAD Designer," says Svoboda with anticipation. "That wouldn't have been possible with the old software!"

In the future, his employees will be able to generate the NC code for control of the processing machines with the A+W Production Terminal. On the terminal, first the lite is visualized before the machine can be activated accordingly. In the A+W CAD Designer, drawings of fittings and glass designs are easy to create.

Although the conversion to A+W Business Pro went quite smoothly, some employees needed some time to get used to it. But the founder's courage to make changes paid off. Quality and quick delivery remain the cornerstones of Svoboda's philosophy, and A+W Business Pro allows him to maintain these values and drive growth at the same time.

In a world where innovation drives success, the journey of Svatopluk Svoboda with A+W Software's solutions demonstrates the power of partnership. From humble beginnings to a spacious 3000-square-meter production premises, the founder of SVOBODA sklenářství continues his high-quality work, which relies on state-of-the-art technology and an unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction.

Production planning from the office.
Production planning from the office.

PS: We discovered during our visit just how deeply integrated Svoboda is into the community. An older man came into the office with a small broken pane of glass. Svoboda's employee took the order to replace the pane right away – that's how easy and close to the customer this business is.

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