AGC launches sales of "UV Verre Premium Cool on" -The world first*1 tempered glass for automotive front door windows blocking approx. 99%*2 UV rays while reducing uncomfortable frizzling sensation-

Tokyo, December 5, 2012—AGC (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.; Head Office: Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazuhiko Ishimura) started sales of “UV Verre Premium Cool on” from December 2012.

This product is the world first tempered glass for automotive front door windows that filters out about 99% of UV rays and cutting off infrared rays that cause a frizzling sensation while shielding from the heat of sunshine. It has been installed as IR/UV blocking glass in Toyota Motor’s Vitz special edition*3 released on December 5, 2012.

In December 2010, AGC launched*4 “UV Verre Premium™,” which blocks approximately 99% of UV rays the cause of sunburn and spots — the biggest distress for female drivers of seating by windows*5. The product has since been installed in fifteen vehicle lines so far.

AGC has developed “UV Verre Premium Cool on” with a higher infrared shielding performance, in addition to UV blocking function, to relieve the discomfort caused by infrared rays such as “getting hot inside the car” and “frizzling arms while driving” *5.

This high-function glass, which was developed to meet the needs of users, will make driving more comfortable and help reduce environmental impact by mitigating heat and enabling drivers to set a moderate air conditioning.

Results of infrared rays irradiation test using “UV Verre Premium Cool on”

Experiment conditions: A 2.4kW metal halide lamp, which simulates sunlight, was applied for three minutes.

“UV Verre Premium Cool on” was created through the integration of AGC’s technologies in glass materials, coating and chemicals. AGC achieved commercial production of the product as a result of successful development of a new material that simultaneously filters out UV and infrared rays and is scratch-resistant for opening and closing the door windows, as well as technology to apply a high-quality coating to the material.

AGC will continue to explore the potential of glass materials and contribute to reducing environmental impact and achieving a comfortable living environment by bringing together the Group’s technological expertise.

*1 Based on AGC Data as of December 2012

*2 AGC’s survey data based on ISO9050

*3 Vitz special editions, F "Ciel" and F "SMART STOP PACKAGE Ciel "

*4 AGC launched the world first tempered glass filtering out approx. 99% of UV rays for automotive front door windows.

*5 AGC’s original survey on women in their 20’s-60’s

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Toshihiro Ueda, General Manager, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

AGC Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.

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600450 AGC launches sales of "UV Verre Premium Cool on" -The world first*1 tempered glass for automotive front door windows blocking approx. 99%*2 UV rays while reducing uncomfortable frizzling sensation-

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