Yorglass exhibits at Glasstec

Date: 8 September 2022
Source: Yorglass
Yorglass exhibits at Glasstec
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Date: 8 September 2022

Yorglass, the trusted and global supplier of glass, will introduce its newest and innovative technologies at the Glasstec Fair 2022.

Leading the sector with its knowledge and experience in industrial glass processing and flat glass trade, Yorglass will attend the Glasstec Fair, which will be held in Germany between 20-23 September 2022.  

Yorglass is counting the days for the fair and the fair is also preparing to bring the leaders of the glass industry together in Düsseldorf, the company will bring its innovative product Safesky, writable and erasable smart board 5G Board, the award-winning glass skateboard and solar panel glass products designed with inspiration from the advanced transformation of the glass to the visitors. Yorglass, which will exhibit its innovative solutions, will host its visitors in Hall 10, stand D42

Safesky will show the traces of innovation and sustainability in glass. 

Yorglass, which is getting ready to draw attention with the "Safesky" it will bring together with the visitors at the Glasstec Fair, where the heart of the glass world beats, aims to show the traces of innovation and sustainability in glass with this product. Safesky, which can be seen by birds unlike other glass, eliminates the problem of being undetected, provides birds with safe flight, and contributes to maintaining the ecological balance. Considering sustainability as the main force that directs all processes rather than a business goal, Yorglass aims to make a difference with the sustainable aspect of this product, which is compatible with a livable and beautiful nature understanding. Pointing out that more than a million birds around the world risk losing their lives just by hitting the windows, Yorglass believes that Safesky will bring a new breath to the glass world. At this point, the tunnel test results of the Safesky product, which started to be tested in 2021, are very promising. As a result of the research and evaluations made on the subject, it was determined that Safesky, bearing the signature of Yorglass, prevented bird strikes by 84 percent. 

The recyclable smart board is getting ready to be the star of the fair. 

Continuing to develop its innovative product range with innovative approaches, Yorglass's other solution to be introduced at the Glasstec Fair is the 5G Board. Developed with environmental sensitivity, this product can be easily recycled in different areas, rather than being idle, thanks to its glass nature. The 5G Board, which is very easy to clean and offers practical use thanks to its magnetic feature, maximizes durability and safety with its tempered nature. It can be easily used in various areas such as training classrooms, common areas, office interiors, meeting and conference rooms, corporate restrooms, guest rooms, nurse stations, and patient rooms. 

High-performance solar glass panels will also be introduced at this fair. 

Considering sustainability as a power that directs all processes, Yorglass aims to make a difference with its solar panel glass that guide the renewable energy lane at the Glasstec Fair. In today's world, renewable energy technologies, which come into play to meet the energy need sustainably, become more important as the rising population and increasing urbanization brings the energy obtained from fossil sources to an end. Yorglass, which produces glass for solar panels that stand out in renewable energy within the scope of its goal for a better world, takes the efficiency of solar energy to the next level with its high heat transmittance performance glasses. 

Glass recycling will inspire the fair. 

Setting out with the passion of making glass the sustainable product of the future, Yorglass is getting ready to blow the wind of sustainability at the fair with the "glass skateboard", which it has implemented as an upcycling project. Emphasizing the infinity of glass and sustainability, Yorglass's first B2C product, the glass skateboard, shows that the concept of upcycling can be a raw material for valuable products. Xone Design Awards 2022 award-winning innovative design; In the retail sector, it can be used in the interior and exterior decoration of stores, homes, hotels, or cafes, and it presents an iconic design for collectors following the ongoing skateboarding trend around the world. 

Yorglass at Glasstec 2022

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