Yannick Leroi dares to break new ground

Standard insulating glass is now a thing of the past; the Lerobel Company is breaking new ground, and in the process astonishing even experienced Bystronic glass sales engineers.

Company owner Yannick Leroi and his project manager Rudi Vaneyck discuss the co-operation with Bystronic glass and why they have placed their trust in the TPS®-4SG technology through a substantial investment.In 1939, Yannick Leroi’s grandfather founded the Lerobel Group.Today the company is run by Yannick as a third generation family business with over 100 employees, and this year it will look forward to celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Lerobel is an independent glass processing company located in the Benelux region where the majority of its sales market is located. “Of course, we still produce standard insulating or laminated safety glass, but we realigned ourselves a long time ago,” says Yannick Leroi. “We’ve specialised in large-scale projects in the glass industry, and we’re often tasked with complex projects across Europe.”


Good things come to those who wait

“Two years ago, I first met Ralf Wolter, sales engineer at Bystronic glass, to discuss TPS® – 4SG technology,” recalls Rudi Vaneyck. “For a long time we had been searching for a system that would simplify our manufacturing methods.”

For Yannick Leroi it was imperative to invest in a system “that would allow us to offer reliable customers, a durable product that would enable us to keep our ‘warm edge’ promise.

Ralf Wolter adds: “I have visited many insulating glass manufacturers in the past, but I’ve never seen a company whose end products are so highly intricate.”

So in January of this year, Yannick Leroi and Rudi Vaneyck opted for the TPS® – 4SG technology and as such, consequently placed their trust in Bystronic glass, for without this flexible technology, these major complex projects could not be realised.

This decision was made with the future in mind particularly, because in 2020, a new energy standard will come into effect which states that “aluminium or steel may no longer be used in window construction,” explains Rudi Vaneyck.

“When sealing our large specialty glass products with silicone, we rely on the TPS® – 4SG system to guarantee gas-tightness.”

Yannick Leroi is familiar with other advantages of the system which increases his expectation regarding the TPS® – 4SG line even more: “We frequently vary the spacer widths in our insulating glass. With the TPS® 4SG technology, we can keep producing these different spacer widths without having to make conversions. The investments in TPS® 4SG technology in conjunction with the specialty glass that Lerobel produces, already gives the company a significant head start over the competition,” says Rudi Vaneyck.

“Because they care…”

The TPS® 4SG 5000 x 3210 mm line was launched in August 2104. Months ahead of time, in Neuhausen – Hamberg, a project manager, shift supervisor and two maintenance employees underwent training at Bystronic glass. “I took a close look at the system and found that the work being done there is of the finest quality,” says Rudi Vaneyck. “We’re looking forward to using the new machines, but we also know that we will also have a lot of work ahead of us.”

Lerobel will increase production weekly during the first two months. Even after installation of the TPS® 4SG line, Bystronic glass will continue to support Lerobel employees. “After a few weeks, a service technician will visit us and answer any questions we still have. This leaves us with good feelings as we know that we aren’t being left alone.” says Rudi Vaneyck.

Yannick Leroi adds, “With Bystronic glass, we have found the best partner to offer our products to the market. They’re also contributing years of experience, which we have always trusted right from the very beginning.”

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Date: 27 January 2015
Source: www.bystronic-glass.com

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