X-ray inspection system of glass in glass jars that you can rely on to protect your brand

Date: 8 December 2008
Source: Mettler-Toledo, Ltd.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray has announced the launch of the GlassCheK Quad – a revolutionary new detection system for monitoring high risk products in glass jars.

Developed using the company’s market-leading X-ray expertise, it represents a breakthrough in modern product inspection.

The GlassCheK Quad

Thanks to its adaptive technology, the GlassCheK Quad ensures fast and reliable detection of foreign bodies such as glass, metal and stone for guaranteed product quality and safety. It works by simultaneously scanning with one vertical and three horizontal X-rays beams. This maximises coverage and probability of detection within the jar by reducing blind spots in the base, sidewalls and neck. Multiple inspection settings can be stored on a single system ensuring optimum detection whatever the jar’s size or shape. The GlassCheK Quad is especially effective for wide neck jars and offers superior detection on shards of glass, as the four beams cover many possible orientations of placement. No manual realignment of the beams is required leading to increased line efficiencies.

"Foreign body detection in glass jars is particularly challenging due to the varying thickness of the glass walls and base, which can be as much as 20%," comments Dr Frank Wang, senior engineer at Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray. "The GlassCheK Quad software plots the individual dimensions of every jar that passes through, detecting contaminants in the product as well as possible inclusions in the glass jar itself. Optimal detection sensitivity is maintained, even when the GlassCheK Quad is operating at speeds of up to 1,000 jars per minute. We are confident the GlassCheK Quad will provide the greatest probability of detection (POD) of any machine on the market today."

Features and Benefits

The GlassCheK Quad complies with strict industry hygiene standards and is easy to clean and maintain. A sign-in and event log system, the first of its kind in this industry, can record all activity (hourly quality tests for example) on a database. This provides full traceability of any changes made and identifies the user who made them.

The system uses minimal power – only low heat is generated so no external water cooling is necessary - This leads to lower cost of ownership. Users of the GlassCheK Quad also benefit from its small footprint which means it can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

For more information, please visit www.mt.com/safeline-xray.

600450 X-ray inspection system of glass in glass jars that you can rely on to protect your brand glassonweb.com
Date: 8 December 2008
Source: Mettler-Toledo, Ltd.

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